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New York City Skyline
New York is full of fantastic attractions and has enough to keep visitors occupied for a month let alone a weekend. It’s well worth spending a week in The Big Apple and taking in all the sights the big city has to offer.

POSTED BY Leon | AUGUST 28 2014
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American Alligator at Everglades National Park
Florida may boast an array of the world’s finest theme parks but it also home to a selection of fantastic animal attractions. After a busy few days exploring the various theme parks of the Orlando area, getting acquainted with some of Florida’s wildlife might be just what you need.

POSTED BY Leon | AUGUST 28 2014
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Dubai Beach
Dubai is a pretty unique place with world record breaking skyscrapers and shopping malls in amongst the emirate’s other futuristic creations. If you’ve ever wondered why sending a parcel in Dubai is unlike any other city or exactly what makes the Burj Al Arab a 7* hotel, read on.

POSTED BY Leon | AUGUST 11 2014
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New York Times Square
The USA is truly a year-round destination and after the busy summer months there is an unparalleled host of events to enjoy for those making the journey across the pond. Here is our pick of the best US cities to visit in autumn 2014.

POSTED BY Adam | JULY 30 2014
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Best Cities for Street Food
Trying street food is a great way to save money in cities around the world. Plus, trying street food with the locals is a great way to assimilate into the local culture and really get a feel for the city you’re in.

POSTED BY Adam | JULY 25 2014
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Disney World
Disney World has lots of amazing attractions to enjoy, but with big attractions often come big crowds. With so many of the world’s top rollercoasters to choose from it can be a challenge to fit everything in.

POSTED BY Leon | JULY 23 2014
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Top 10 Mobile Travel Apps
There are hundreds of travel apps out there designed to make travelling overseas that bit easier, because as fantastic as holidays are, they undoubtedly come with their fair share of challenges. Whether it’s getting lost in a maze of unfamiliar streets, searching for that elusive cashpoint or navigating the social minefield of tipping etiquette, travel can sometimes be tricky.

POSTED BY Adam | JULY 21 2014
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Barbados Beach
Just the mention of the word ‘Caribbean’ conjures up images of lazy days spent surrounded by gleaming white beaches and lines of palm trees. Whilst that’s all true, there is much more to the Caribbean islands than just sunbathing and each nation has its own individual charm.

POSTED BY Adam | JULY 21 2014
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Dubai on a Budget
Home of the world’s tallest building and the world’s only 7* hotel, Dubai is a destination more associated with luxury than frugality – a place to splash the cash and spare no expense. However, experiencing one of the world’s most lavish cities on a limited budget is certainly possible.

POSTED BY prashant | JULY 7 2014
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Songkran Festival
What would you think if a stranger came up to you in the street and threw water on you? Under normal circumstances you probably wouldn't be best pleased, but that'sexactly what happens all over Thailand on Thai New Year (Songkran), when cities across the country turn into one giant water fight.

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