How to Beat the Queues at Disney

POSTED BY Adam | July 25, 2014
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Disney World

Disney World has lots of amazing attractions to enjoy, but with big attractions often come big crowds. With so many of the world’s top rollercoasters to choose from it can be a challenge to fit everything in. By following these handy hints you can beat the queues at Disney and ensure you don’t miss out on any of your favourite rides.

Buy a Fast Pass+

Even during off season, queues are possible at the most popular rides. The FastPass+ lets you make advanced reservations for selected rides, shows and parades, in order to beat the often lengthy queues. You can then return to the ride at an allotted time and stroll past the others waiting in line!

Recently, Disney announced that they had lifted restrictions on the FastPass+, meaning it can now be used unlimited times in one day. In the past, visitors were limited to three of these benefits per day, which meant a tricky decision on which three rides most warranted FastPass+ use!

Currently, three daily FastPasses can be reserved in advance, either online or via the My Disney Experience app. Any additional passes can then be bought at kiosks in the parks.

Time it Right

Even without a FastPass, by going to the most popular rides at the beginning or end of the day you can cut queue times in half. One tactic is to split the day in two, arriving when the parks open, heading back to accommodation in the middle of the day when queues are longest, and then heading back to the parks in the late afternoon.

For those staying a little further away from Orlando’s theme parks it’s best to do the busier rides earlier in the day. Most parks are open from 9am until the evening so there is plenty of time to fit the best rides in.

Magic Kingdom Queues

The time of year also has a big impact when it comes to the length of the queues. Unsurprisingly, the summer months are the busiest, late June through to mid-August in particular. Easter and Christmas are also very busy times, as is the last week of November around Thanksgiving.

Those that are flexible with their holiday dates can avoid the biggest crowds by visiting in the off season. October and November are particularly good months to visit the theme parks as the big summer crowds have gone, the temperatures are pleasant (usually from 25 - 14°C) and there is actually less rainfall than in summer.

Make Use of Apps

There are loads of useful mobile apps that can help make the Disney experience as smooth as possible. Disney World Wait Times is invaluable for keeping track of queues for rides in real time. This app relies on user generated content but fortunately its extremely popular meaning up to date information on the length of queues at all the Disney parks. It also tells you which rides are nearby and what time each ride closes.

When it comes to actually navigating the parks, try the £1.79 Walt Disney World Maps Box Set. As its name suggests, the box set maps out all the Disney parks and is certainly easier than the often awkward paper maps, as anyone who’s been caught in an Orlando afternoon storm will tell you.

Disney’s queues aren’t just confined to the rides; dining in the parks can be a busy experience too. The Disney World Dining App locates the restaurant closest to you so don’t have to waste time roaming the parks trying to satisfy any fussy eaters in your party. The app includes full menus for all of the restaurants so you can pick your favourite in advance. Reservations for popular restaurants are usually essential to beat the queues so the one-touch dialling function is sure to come in handy.

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