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POSTED BY Mavy | APRIL 14 2015
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Spring has sprung and now it's time to go out and find your next adventure. Do you want to go away but don't know where?

POSTED BY Mavy | APRIL 9 2015
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Gone forever is the awkwardness of having to ask a passing stranger to take your picture at a tourist spot, these days travel photography is all about the holiday selfie. Whether you’re stood with your arm outstretched or you’ve got a proper “selfie stick” the trend for flipping your smartphone camera and striking a pose means capturing the moment has never been easier.

POSTED BY Globehunters | JANUARY 15 2015
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share your story win an ipad
Inspire your fellow Globehunters to complete their 2015 Travel Bucket List and you'll be rewarded for it! Here's how: Submit your travel story to us.

POSTED BY Adam | JULY 30 2014
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Best Cities for Street Food
Trying street food is a great way to save money in cities around the world. Plus, trying street food with the locals is a great way to assimilate into the local culture and really get a feel for the city you’re in.

POSTED BY prashant | JULY 7 2014
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Songkran Festival
What would you think if a stranger came up to you in the street and threw water on you? Under normal circumstances you probably wouldn't be best pleased, but that'sexactly what happens all over Thailand on Thai New Year (Songkran), when cities across the country turn into one giant water fight.

POSTED BY Adam | JUNE 26 2014
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Samut Prakan Thailand
Samut Prakan (also known as Pak Nam) is a great place to head for a day away from the hustle and bustle of central Bangkok. Located 29 kilometres south of the Thai capital – and very close to Suvarnabhumi Airport which is served by flights from the UK - Samut Prakan is home to some fascinating historical sights and makes for an enthralling day trip away from the well-beaten tourist path.

POSTED BY Adam | JUNE 25 2014
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Thailand attractions
Each year more and more British tourists flock to Thailand to enjoy the intoxicating combination of unspoilt beaches, wild nightlife and the tropical climate. Whether you’re looking to relax, party or soak up the culture, Thailand will have something to offer and we’ve handpicked our favourite Thailand attractions.

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