Cheap Flights From Manchester To Abu Dhabi

Manchester to Abu Dhabhi Flights OffersBook By 29 May 2024
Departing AirlineTravel datesPrice
Manchester Klm Royal Dutch Airl25 Jan 2024 - 30 Jun 2024fr£419.00
Manchester Oman Air15 Jul 2024 - 18 Oct 2024fr£435.00
Manchester Etihad Airways21 Mar 2024 - 14 Aug 2024fr£476.00
Manchester Air France19 Aug 2024 - 26 Nov 2024fr£495.00
Manchester Etihad Airways01 Dec 2023 - 23 May 2024fr£519.00
Manchester Oman Air27 Sep 2024 - 24 Dec 2024fr£610.00
Manchester Air France12 Jun 2024 - 30 Sep 2024fr£662.00
Flights to Manchester To Abu Dhabi£662
If you’re after a holiday with a shot of luxury, why not head to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates?

The city is most well-known for its impressive skyscrapers and flashy cars, however, there’s a lot more to this oil-wealthy city than meets the eye.

It’s also a very green and vibrant city which has retained its distinctly Arab roots, with many stunning mosques to visit, such as the famous Sheikh Zayed.

Do bear in mind however that the UAE is a Muslim country, so it’s important to be respectful.

This means that when visiting mosques, you should dress appropriately, and wear bathing suits instead of bikinis if visiting the beach.

Also bear in mind that alcohol can only be drunk in licensed hotels in Abu Dhabi, and being drunk in public is frowned upon.

However, this doesn’t mean that there is no nightlife in Abu Dhabi, as the hotel bars are very impressive!

For something a bit different, why not try out a desert safari? You’ll head out into the desert in a 4x4, before transferring onto a camel, where you’ll head out to a Bedouin tent for a real Arabian feast!

The city is also known for its many large and modern shopping malls and is perfect for shopaholics.

While the main shopping malls such as the Yas Mall are great, (and the air conditioning is very welcome!), it’s on the streets where you’ll find the best deals.

Various street markets such as the Souk Al Zaafarana sell all manner of goods such as carpets, gold jewellery, metalwork and woodwork, all of which would make a great genuine souvenir of your time in the UAE.

As for the weather, as you can imagine, Abu Dhabi is a lot warmer than Manchester! In August you can expect average temperatures of around 36°C and even as much as 18°C in January.

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Flights from Manchester to Abu Dhabi are available direct through Etihad Airways and generally take just over seven hours.