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London Saudia25 Mar 2025 - 18 Jun 2025fr£4456.00
Manchester Saudia22 Jan 2025 - 31 Mar 2025fr£4483.00
London Saudia17 Feb 2025 - 10 Apr 2025fr£4542.00
London Saudia22 Jan 2025 - 31 Mar 2025fr£5349.00
London Saudia16 May 2025 - 22 Jul 2025fr£6094.00
Manchester Saudia25 Dec 2024 - 30 Jan 2025fr£6400.00
London Saudia25 Dec 2024 - 30 Jan 2025fr£6408.00
Flights to First Class£6408

Head out to Turkey’s biggest city and enjoy all the sights, sounds and smells with our cheap first class flights to Istanbul.

Istanbul is a city with a wide and varied culture; influenced by the Ottoman empire, adorned with Byzantine churches, and many other historical links, there's so much to learn about this beautiful city. It proudly displays its long culture but isn’t afraid of embracing more modern, vibrant influences, too.

If you’re looking for a cultural getaway with a relaxing side, too, Istanbul could be the perfect destination for you. It’s perfectly located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, with influences from East and West very obviously on display. Whether it’s the food, the architecture or even the activities and entertainment, this blend of two very contrasting cultures is something that isn’t seen anywhere else in the world.

While in Istanbul, be sure to catch a performance of the world-famous Whirling Dervishes. They are so much more than just a tourist attraction - in fact, the whirling is an act of worship undertaken by Mevlana’s followers. It is said that this spinning dance allows the worshipers to connect with God through a trance-like state, and it is incredible to see in person.

It’s not often that you get to see lush green areas in a main city, but a trip to Topkapi Palace will see you enjoy some of the most beautiful, green grounds found anywhere in the world. Head into the treasury and see some of the most beautiful artefacts in the world, including the famous Topkapi Dagger and a wide range of impressive Ottoman weaponry in the armoury.

To see the city from another angle, why not book onto a Bosphorus Cruise while you’re there? This gives you an incredible view of the city from the water and, depending on how much time you want to spend, there are longer and shorter cruises to take. The longer trips can take you right out to the Black Sea, whereas the shorter cruises are perfect for those on a time limit and you’ll still get to see the city up to the second suspension bridge.

A holiday isn’t really a holiday unless you try some local cuisine, and Istanbul has plenty for you to try. Why not try a traditional Doner kebab - the dish that so many takeaways have taken on as a popular item all around the world. Doner kebabs come in many forms here, including wrapped up in lavas bread, and on a warm pitta with salad, yoghurt, tomato sauce and butter.

For all you pizza lovers, Lahmacun might be more your thing. While it’s not a pizza in any shape or form, many call it a Turkish pizza, consisting of thin and crispy dough topped with spicy, seasoned meat and a squeeze of lemon juice, the dish is then rolled up ready to eat!

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