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Departing AirlineTravel datesPrice
London Swiss17 Feb 2025 - 10 Apr 2025fr£2420.00
Manchester Swiss22 Jan 2025 - 31 Mar 2025fr£2553.00
London Air France25 Dec 2024 - 30 Jan 2025fr£2585.00
London Air France25 Dec 2024 - 30 Jan 2025fr£2585.00
London Sn Brussels Airlines22 Jan 2025 - 31 Mar 2025fr£2779.00
London Emirates25 Mar 2025 - 18 Jun 2025fr£3056.00
Manchester Air France25 Dec 2024 - 30 Jan 2025fr£3056.00
Flights to Business Class£3056

Since the end of its civil war in 2002, Angola has become the fastest growing economy in Africa and one of the fastest-growing in the world, benefitting from its vast natural resources of diamonds and oil.

Since then, it has primarily been a popular destination for business travellers, although holidaymakers who are looking for somewhere other than the traditional African destinations are also starting to visit, with its long Atlantic coastline and white sandy beaches and beautiful scenery and wildlife.

The capital city of Luanda is the centre of activity in Angola, with the economy still largely based around the booming oil industry, although other industries are also starting to thrive as a result.

Whether you’re visiting for business or not, there is plenty to see and do during a visit to Angola, including a visit to Kalandula Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world, measuring 344 feet high and 1,300 feet wide.

Angola is still relatively off the beaten track as it recovers from the civil war, but it welcomes visitors with open arms, so why not check out our deals on business class fares to Angola here at Globehunters today?

Why fly business class?

If you are planning a trip to Angola, why make the upgrade to business class? Flying business class means that you’ll have a much more comfortable flight to Angola, with one of the main benefits being more comfortable seats with more legroom, which recline back, allowing you to catch up on some sleep if you wish.

Business class also makes the flight pass by that little bit quicker with complimentary Wi-Fi and extensive in-flight entertainment. You’ll also be given an upgraded menu of food to choose from, prepared by a proper chef and a huge step up from your usual aeroplane food.

Finally, you’ll also get access to a private business class lounge before you board the flight, giving you a quiet space to relax in or catch up with some work if you wish.

Popular routes

Unfortunately, direct flights are not currently available from the UK to Angola, with popular in-direct routes including travelling via Lisbon, Frankfurt, Brussels and Paris.

The flight from the UK to Angola generally takes around 11 to 15 hours depending on your exact route and what kind of connecting flight you’ll be catching.

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