Business Class Flights to Istanbul

Istanbul Business Class OffersBook By 29 May 2024
Departing AirlineTravel datesPrice
Manchester Aegean Air15 Jul 2024 - 18 Oct 2024fr£471.00
Manchester Lufthansa01 Apr 2024 - 28 Jun 2024fr£556.00
London Gulf Air17 May 2024 - 29 Sep 2024fr£566.00
London Gulf Air01 Apr 2024 - 28 Jun 2024fr£574.00
London Lufthansa01 Apr 2024 - 23 Jul 2024fr£578.00
London Lufthansa25 Apr 2024 - 31 Aug 2024fr£634.00
Manchester Ukraine Intl Airways01 Apr 2024 - 23 May 2024fr£1108.00
Flights to Business Class£1108

Istanbul is located right where East meets West, and as a result, it has quite a rich and interesting history. It has been ruled by the Greeks, Romans and Venetians before the Ottomans arrived, all drawn to its strategic location straddling two continents.

It was also the final destination of the Silk Road that linked Europe and Asia, and as such saw its fair share of merchants coming and going, with many choosing to stay there indefinitely, and nurturing the kind of cultural diversity that is still seen in Istanbul today.

It is one of the largest cities in the world, which means that you’ll struggle to run out of things to see and do during your stay. Whether you’re admiring the architecture that makes up the city’s beautiful skyline, or getting to know the locals, you’re sure to have a wonderful time.

With such a diverse heritage, it stands to reason that the culinary offerings are exciting and varied. Foodies can rejoice, as eating and drinking is taken very seriously in Istanbul. Local fare such as kebaps and mezes are washed down with a drink of raki, and freshly caught fish is always on the menu.

You’ll also find plenty of your favourite foods from around the world, from Italian classics to the aromatic dishes from around Asia.

There is a lot of art and architecture to marvel at, and plenty of museums and art galleries to explore, so you can spend plenty of time enjoying these cultural pursuits.

Highlights include the famous Blue mosque, which is an iconic structure and a UNESCO world Heritage Site, and Topkapi Palace, where Ottoman Sultans once resided.

Why fly business class?

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than sitting for hours with your knees crammed up against the seat in front, and it certainly doesn’t make for the most relaxing start to your holiday.

With business class, you get plenty of room to get comfy, and the seats even lie completely flat so that you can get some sleep if you need it.

What’s more, the menu offerings on a flight can be a little lacklustre in economy, whereas the food in business class tends to be that little bit more palatable, so if you’re a foodie, the upgrade could be well worth your while.

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