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POSTED BY Mavy | OCTOBER 12 2017
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Your time travelling should be a period of freedom, enjoyment, and relaxation where you can forget about the rules. However, there are some pieces of advice which are worth following when it comes to safety, enjoyment, and integrating with the locals and we definitely recommend giving them some thought.

POSTED BY Mavy | JUNE 14 2017
Label: Top 10s

For those who love driving, there’s nothing better than a really good road, some stunning scenery, and maybe some great company. Nothing beats the excitement of curating the perfect playlist, and hitting the open road!

Label: Top 10s

Christmas is almost here, and soon it will be time to gather the family together and indulge in plenty of festive food and drink, and celebrate the traditions of the season. But what does Christmas tradition look like?

POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 19 2016
Label: City Breaks, Food Travel, North America, Top 10s, Travel Tips

Best coffee in boston
There is nothing better than a finely crafted cup, using the best golden, roasted beans, to get you started in your day/ your day started. Our cafes/ cafés today are saturated with different blends, which can be a confusing experience for the average consumer.

POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 19 2016
Label: Adventure Travel, Australia, Top 10s, Travel Tips

10 things in cairns
Cairns is a city known for being the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. But there’s more to the city than snorkelling.

POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 18 2016
Label: Flights, Top 10s, Travel Tips

perfect layover
The best cheap flights can often mean incorporating a layover somewhere on the way to your destination, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Choosing the right city to touch down in, combined with a bit of pre-planning can transform your stopovers from a time-wasting chore to an exciting part of your trip.

POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 18 2016
Label: Food Travel, South America, Top 10s, Travel Tips

What to eat in Rio
Rio de Janeiro may be best known for its carnival and beautiful beaches, but it is definitively the city’s food scene that will have you wanting to visit time and time again. Any local (or carioca) will tell you that from street food to the high end restaurants, the vast array of Brazilian specialties on offer make it more than worthy of its reputation as a foodie haven.

POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 18 2016
Label: Adventure Travel, Food Travel, Top 10s, Travel Tips

Tea lovers may want to incorporate a trip to a tea plantation on their travels. If you are that mad about a good brew of tea, you could choose a destination based on its tea growing potential.

POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 18 2016
Label: Top 10s, Travel Tips

7 ways travel mishaps you can plan for
Anyone who travels a lot knows it can be fun, exhilarating and even life-changing, but it can also often be disappointedly unpredictable. Whether you’ve lost some luggage or ended up sleeping on an airport bench after a cancelled flight, everyone’s got a travel nightmare story.

POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 18 2016
Label: Adventure Travel, Top 10s, Travel Tips

beach bucket list
Calling all beach lovers out there, we have put together the ultimate list of beaches you need to visit in your lifetime. There’s nothing better than arriving at one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and taking some much needed time to relax.


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