10 Worldwide Road Trips You Need to Add to Your Bucket List

POSTED BY Mavy | June 14, 2017
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For those who love driving, there’s nothing better than a really good road, some stunning scenery, and maybe some great company. Nothing beats the excitement of curating the perfect playlist, and hitting the open road!

So with that in mind, we’ve put together the ten best road trips you need to add to your bucket list from around the world.

Bucket List Road Trips

Route 66 - USA

Formerly the main route from Chicago to California, this road trip once marked the start of a new life for many Americans. While the highway itself doesn’t really exist anymore, you can still follow the route it took through small town America and soak up the history!

Touge Roads of Mount Fuji - Japan

The passes which to the caldera of Mount Fuji are a joy to drive, and the birthplace of drifting. Lined by trees and with stunning views, each twist and turn is an adventure.

Stelvio Pass - Italy

This high altitude run through the Alps is a rite of passage for thrill seekers, whether behind the wheel of a car, a motorbike or a bicycle. 9000 feet in the Alps, it has 48 switchbacks in 15 miles, will leave you breathless.

Highway 1 - Big Sur, California USA

This major highway runs along the Pacific coastline of California, some of the most stunning coastlines in the USA. It crosses Bixby Creek Bridge, among a couple of other historic bridges, and even passes through a redwood forest briefly.

Furka Pass - Switzerland

Used as a filming location in the James Bond classic Goldfinger, this Swiss mountain pass connects Gletsch, Valais with Realp, Uri. Whether you’re a Bond fan or just have a love for driving, this is an experience not to be missed.

The Atlantic Road - Norway

Often referred to as the world’s best road trip and Norway’s Construction of the Century, this 5.2-mile section of Country Road 64 opened in 1989 and is built on several small islands, connected by bridges, viaducts and causeways.

Guoliang Tunnel Road - China

In the Henan province of China, you’ll find the Guoliang Tunnel, which is quite literally carved into the edge of the Taihang Mountains. Running for 3/4 of a mile, this stunning road may be short but it certainly is stunning.

Seven Mile Bridge - Florida Keys USA

This famous bridge in Monroe County, Florida connects Knights Key in the Middle Keys to Little Duck Key in the Lower Keys and was one of the longest bridges in the world when it was built. As the name suggests, it is seven miles long across the ocean. Breathtaking!

NC500 - Scotland

North Coast 500 is ‘Scotland’s answer to Route 66’. Drive along these quiet roads through one of the most unspoilt areas of Europe, and take in the beautiful views along the coastline of northern Scotland. There are very few towns and villages so there tends to be little traffic.

Amalfi Coast Road - Italy

The perfect drive for a summer’s day, this route is absolutely picturesque. Best enjoyed in a convertible sports car with the roof down, you’ll be charmed by the historic churches, pretty pastel coloured villages, and the coastline itself!






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