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POSTED BY Mavy | JANUARY 13 2020
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Travelling the world is becoming more and more accessible, with flights becoming cheaper, and frequent travellers sharing their experiences online to inspire and educate others on all of the wonderful things different parts of the world have to offer. With so much of the world for us to explore, which countries are seeing a surge in visitor numbers, and where might the most popular countries to visit be in the future?

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Travel is exciting. However, the experience of travelling can be a stressful one.

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When you’re heading away on holiday, all you want to do is put your feet up and relax, but getting through the airport can be anything but relaxing. Airport lounges are a great way to take a load off and enjoy a bite to eat and a drink before you board the plane, but many are often put off by the cost.

POSTED BY Mavy | OCTOBER 21 2019
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Ridesharing apps such as Uber have taken the world by storm, making it cheap and convenient to get from A to B. With competitive fares and a user-friendly app, many taxi firms are feeling the pinch as they struggle to compete.

POSTED BY Joniel | SEPTEMBER 16 2019
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Although the idea of traveling for work, flying business class, attending conferences, and staying at fancy hotels sounds like living your best life, the reality is usually a far cry from this glamorous description. Traveling for business can be stressful, and it can certainly take its toll on the body and mind – long hours, different time zones, jet lag, delayed flights, and being away from your family are no fun.

POSTED BY Mavy | JULY 23 2019
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For most of us, when we get to an airport, we want to get checked in and through security as quickly as possible, especially if you have children with you! If this is you, then luckily, some of the UK’s main airports offer a service to get you through the hassle as fast as possible so you can start enjoying your holiday.

POSTED BY Rebecca | APRIL 17 2019
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There are plenty of things to think about when planning to travel with a medical condition, from ensuring you have all the medication you are likely to need ready to take with you to taking appropriate precautions to prevent symptoms flaring up. But one thing that often catches people out is travel insurance.
HBO's hit show, Game of Thrones is known for a number of things, unsuccessful weddings, a high turnover of Westerosi monarchs and, shall we say, complicated family relationships. However, one of the great things it is known for is the beautiful and other-worldly settings where the characters live, battle, traverse and conquer.

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30 JANUARY 2019, Globehunters has won the Feefo Trusted Service award, an independent seal of excellence that recognises businesses for delivering exceptional experiences, as rated by real customers. Created by Feefo, Trusted Service is awarded only to those businesses that use Feefo to collect genuine reviews and insights.

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When you're booking your holiday, there are plenty of things that can bump up the cost that you might not have thought about. Airport transfers can be a costly expense in some cities, so it's important that you do your own research before you travl so you can budget it into your costs.


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