The Future of Travel Destination Hotspots

POSTED BY Mavy | January 13, 2020
Label: Fun Facts

Travelling the world is becoming more and more accessible, with flights becoming cheaper, and frequent travellers sharing their experiences online to inspire and educate others on all of the wonderful things different parts of the world have to offer.

With so much of the world for us to explore, which countries are seeing a surge in visitor numbers, and where might the most popular countries to visit be in the future?

We took a look at the increase in visitors to some of the most amazing countries around the world to find out!

Top 5 countries with the highest visitor increase (%)

- Japan with a 243.7% increase

- India with a 205.8% increase

- Vietnam with a 205.6% increase

- Cambodia with a 178% increase

- Kyrgyzstan with a 175.8% increase


We took visitor numbers from and looked at countries with complete data between 2007 and 2017.

We also removed any countries where visitor figures were lower than 1,500,000 so as not to skew the final data.

We then worked out the percentage increase in visitors from 2007 to 2017 to get our final ranking.

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