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POSTED BY Mavy | APRIL 4 2017
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Thankfully, the odds of dying in a plane crash are incredibly low (as little as one in 11 million) but it’s still pretty scary to think about. Incredibly 95.

POSTED BY Jessica | MARCH 30 2017
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Who doesn’t love a tour? You’ll meet some amazing people and have a whole heap of fun in the process.

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Flying is certainly one of the safest modes of transport on the planet. However, it’s fair to say we’ve all felt a little on edge during particularly rough turbulence.

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We all long for a little extra luxury when we are jetting off somewhere. Of course, you can buy yourself a first class ticket, but not all of us can afford to do that.
The Cheapest Airlines For Skiers & Snowboarders Travelling With Equipment
Thinking of booking a last minute ski or snowboard holiday? If so, be sure to take extra care in understanding the costs associated with carrying sporting equipment on your chosen airline as, in some instances, these can be costly and even higher than the cost of the flight itself.

POSTED BY Mavy | JANUARY 16 2017
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You’ve made it through security, you’ve had your bags checked in, and the worst happens… your flight is delayed! So, what is there to do in an airport when you’ve got a couple of hours to kill?

POSTED BY Mavy | JANUARY 10 2017
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While business trips are a necessity in some jobs, and can be great for attending valuable conferences and making new connections, there’s no getting around the fact that it’s time spent out of the office. Not only do they disrupt your normal working routine, but also things such as your sleeping pattern and diet, all of which gets you out of the working mindset.

POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 19 2016
Label: City Breaks, Food Travel, North America, Top 10s, Travel Tips

Best coffee in boston
There is nothing better than a finely crafted cup, using the best golden, roasted beans, to get you started in your day/ your day started. Our cafes/ cafés today are saturated with different blends, which can be a confusing experience for the average consumer.

POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 19 2016
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10 things in cairns
Cairns is a city known for being the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. But there’s more to the city than snorkelling.

POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 18 2016
Label: City Breaks, North America, Travel Tips

Montreal the new paris
Paris may be known as the city of love, but if you’re looking for a less predictable romantic getaway, it’s time to take advantage of cheap flights to Montreal. The city’s 66% French-speaking population mean you’ll still hear melodic Gallic voices filling the air in chic sounding squares and parks, but with the added bonus of experiencing a truly unique mixture of North-American and European culture.


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