5 Positive Things You’ll Always Find on a Travelling Tour

POSTED BY Jessica | March 30, 2017
Label: Travel Tips


Who doesn’t love a tour? You’ll meet some amazing people and have a whole heap of fun in the process. Today, let’s take a look at 4 positive things you’ll always find when travelling on a tour.

1. Long-standing relationships

Lots of people offer advice when it comes to making friends while travelling, but the simplest – and arguably best – method is to simply be yourself and let it happen naturally. However it comes about, you’ll find yourself making friends who you could still be hanging out for years to come.

It’s just not just regular friends though, with some long-term romantic relationships developing from tours. It might sound a little hard to believe with everyone sleeping around, but sometimes the spark of romance do actually catch alight.

2. Cultural enlightenment

Amidst all the mayhem you might be surprised to find you actually can find your horizons broadened. Day trips to spots of cultural significance, or local communities, can open your eyes to how people outside of your own culture live.

You can easily dismiss preconditioned prejudices by spending just a few hours in a new place, and you’ll find when you return from your tour you’re likely to have a totally different outlook on the shape of the overall world.

3. Bucket loads of fun

You might be unsurprised to hear this, but going on a tour is actually an insane amount of fun. While you hear some shocking stories when it comes to the levels of depravity, you’ll ultimately find yourself having the time of your life with a lot of like-minded people.

From drinking games, to just sitting around and talking about everything and nothing at once, you’ll be able to let your hair down and really enjoy the freedom and independence you have on a tour.

4. Important life experiences

Speaking of freedom and independence; you’ll also discover just how much of a positive impact going on a tour can have on your life as a whole. This might be the first extended period of time you’ve spent away from your parents, after all.

As well as learning to cope for yourself, a tour also allows you the chance to discover more about the “real world.” You’ll find not everyone is going to be your friend (even if you were the super-popular kid in school) and you may even learn to self-govern your own actions, like a responsible adult.

5. Memories which last a lifetime

You’ll do a lot of crazy things on tour which you may regret – but you’ll also get involved in a series of activities which will stay with you forever. You’ll try new things, experience tastes and sensations you never knew were possible, and, more than likely, laugh until you cry with people you didn’t even know a month prior.

You won’t be young forever, but your memories can never be taken away from you. Make sure to head out into the world and do something which you can look back on and remember fondly. Going on tour is a perfect way of doing exactly that.


Have these positive aspects convinced you a tour is worth getting involved with in the future? We hope so. While there’ll be downsides to everything in life, it’s important to remember the good almost always outweighs the bad. Don’t miss out on your chance to do something seriously fun. Your free time won’t last forever.

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