Revealed The Cheapest Airlines For Skiers & Snowboarders Travelling With Equipment

POSTED BY Mavy | January 20, 2017
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The Cheapest Airlines For Skiers & Snowboarders Travelling With Equipment


Thinking of booking a last minute ski or snowboard holiday? If so, be sure to take extra care in understanding the costs associated with carrying sporting equipment on your chosen airline as, in some instances, these can be costly and even higher than the cost of the flight itself.

Research undertaken by ourselves here at Globehunters, the home of cheap flights, has revealed the cheapest airlines for those looking to transport ski and snowboard equipment in 2017.

The research has showcased that 13 of Europe’s leading carriers allow passengers to transport ski and snowboard equipment completely FREE of charge with the fee across others ranging from £40 up to a staggering £285.

See a comparison of the fees across Europe’s main airlines below:

Airline Price
Air France FREE*
Alitalia FREE*
Austrian Airlines FREE*
British Airways FREE*
Brussels Airlines FREE*
Eurowings FREE
Finnair FREE*
Iberia FREE*
Lufthansa FREE*
Qantas FREE*
Scandinavian Airlines FREE*
Swiss Air FREE*
Turkish Airlines FREE
Thomson £40
WizzAir £52
Monarch Up To £56
Norwegian Up To £56
FlyBe £60
Jet2 £60
KLM £60.50
Thomas Cook £70
Vueling £78
Aer Lingus £80
EasyJet £80
Ryanair £80
TAP Portugal £86.50
Air Berlin Up to £285

< The above is based upon the fees payable when booked in advance, where available. The fees for checking in sporting equipment at the airport are often higher and availability may be limited.

*Must be carried within standard baggage allowance.

In many cases, it is strongly advised that you compare the cost of flying with a budget airline against travelling with premium carriers, given the fees charged for sporting equipment. When taking into account these fees, it may be cheaper to pay slightly more for your airline tickets and take advantage of the free allowances for carrying ski and snowboard equipment.

If travelling with an airline who charges an excess baggage fee, always be sure to book in advance where possible, given that these usually increase when paid at the airport and that, due to space restrictions, carriers cannot always guarantee to be able to take sporting equipment unless pre-booked. Be sure, also, to inform your airline that you are to be carrying ski or snowboard equipment even if there is no charge to do so.

As you can see, baggage fees vary quite considerably between the different airlines, so make sure to do your research before booking, to avoid getting caught out.

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