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POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 12 2016
Label: Asia

If you choose to travel India by train, you’ll get more than just a means of transport; it is a rich and unique cultural experience all on its own. No visit to India is complete without experiencing the colourful and chaotic scene at a bustling Indian railway station, or spotting the chai wallah passing down the aisle melodically proclaiming, "Chai, chai, garam chai" and dispensing cups of delicious hot sweet tea.

POSTED BY Mavy | MAY 11 2016
Label: Flights

Social Media Plane
Airbus has released its new, exciting cabin space plans, known as “Airspace”. Nothing unusual about that you might think, except for the fact that cabin customisation is so often the concern of the airlines themselves, who look to significantly incorporate in-house branding.

POSTED BY Mavy | MARCH 30 2016
Label: Asia

Rotorua is a town in New Zealand's North Island. It’s a popular place to visit, thanks to the variety of activities and experiences on offer, and it’s only a 2.

POSTED BY Mavy | MARCH 30 2016
Label: North America

California is the most highly populated state in America, with around forty million Americans calling it home. Stretching most of the length of the west coast, it offers huge diversity in things to do and places to visit, making it one of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

POSTED BY Mavy | MARCH 30 2016
Label: Australia

There’s great news for people who dread stopovers on long haul flights. Emirates has launched what should be the world’s longest non-stop commercial flight, from Auckland to Dubai.

POSTED BY Mavy | MARCH 16 2016
Label: Africa, City Breaks, Travel Tips

After decades of decline, which saw many locals up sticks to the suburbs, Johannesburg is back with a vengeance. Smart new loft apartments, a vibrant cultural scene and a welcoming vibe mean it’s once again a big draw - and this time they’re not just here for the gold.

POSTED BY Mavy | MARCH 10 2016
Label: Top 10s

If you are thinking of planning an epic shopping trip, choosing where in the world to go is a big challenge. The best shopping destination for you will depend on exactly what sort of shopping you are looking for, whether it’s high-street brands, high end boutiques, designer outlets or markets full of hidden gems.

Label: Adventure Travel, Australia, Sydney Travel, Travel Tips

The Outback
For many, Australia is one of the most intriguing places in the world. It has the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House, enough beaches to satisfy the keenest of sun-worshippers and, of course, the Outback.

Label: Caribbean

Havana-Cuba 01
You can easily get flights to Havana from London, or any part of the UK, for very reasonable prices – making Cuba one of the best places for anyone to consider as their next perfect holiday destination. Not only is this prime destination budget friendly, it’s also an iconic place with lots of things to see and experience.

Label: City Breaks, South America, Travel Tips

Olympics Year – Getting To Know Rio
Believe it or not, 2016 is an Olympic year and it’s been a whole four years since the London Olympics. Any city that hosts the Olympics usually sees a huge boost in tourism, and benefits from a wide range of new facilities.

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