What to do in Kathmandu

POSTED BY Mavy | March 3, 2015
Label: Asia

Upon landing in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, all kinds of travellers have something amazing in store: whether you want to escape, looking for an adrenaline rush, mad for culture, a particular foodie or a bargain hunter.

Get away from it all

Nepal has long been considered as a sacred place for hundreds of years. The tranquility from the people, the buildings, and the land are all symbols of serenity - giving a positive effect on anyone that is able to experience it. Here, you can definitely escape.

Jumpstart your senses and make your heart beat

Nepal is an underrated adventurer's playground. Scale, hike and camp from the highest peak in the world then bike, run, para-glide or bungee jump to the bottom of the deepest gorge on earth - the country has it all.

Soak up the culture

Nepal is an head-spinning and amazing destination for any culture-vulture. home ot several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the country is dotted with temples, monasteries, inns, and more.

A Foodie Haven

Nepal deliciously and healthily combines a range of characteristics from its neighbouring countries (China, India and Thai) with its own gastronomic history, culminating in foods that are rich with flavour and culture. Recipes from Nepalese cuisine can be simple and flavours subtle, but the results are far from bland.

Best Value travel destination for the budget conscious

Nepal in general is affordable, particularly when compared and contrasted with it's hiking trails to others such as Inca or Kilimanjaro. Food too is cheap and flights with Globeuhunters is temptingly low (call now and be surprised!).

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