What makes a Broadway Show a Broadway Show a Broadway Show or not?

POSTED BY Ryan | February 23, 2018
Label: Travel Tips

If you're looking for unforgettable theater experiences, Broadway is sure to come to mind. Discovering Broadway is often considered a quintessential New York experience, found in 41 theaters on or near the Broadway thoroughfare. While you're sure to get a memorable experience with any show on Broadway, this option is far from the only option available in the city. Before you settle your vacation itinerary, you may want to consider some of the highlights gracing the stages in off-Broadway and off-off Broadway shows as well. Easily overlooked, these categories offer outstanding options of their own.

Off-Broadway performances are most clearly distinguished by the size of the theater. Many popular shows are technically off-Broadway performances, although you may not have known this name was what they're called. Off-Broadway performances have seen hits such as the Harry Potter–themed "Puffs," which made its way up to the off-Broadway setting after a successful run in New York's Peoples Improv Theater. Other shows have started in the off-Broadway venue and later made their way to the true Broadway stage. You can enjoy lower prices and more accessibility when you go off Broadway.

Off-off Broadway offers an intimate experience in venues even smaller than off-Broadway experiences. This setting is where you'll find some of the edgier and more daring productions. If you want theater that pushes the envelope and fearlessly tries new approaches, off-off Broadway is the way to go. Learn more about your options before booking a show in New York City with the following infographic so that you can make sure you're snagging tickets to the best experience for your theatrical style.

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