Save the Date - Ultimate Honeymoon Destinations

POSTED BY Mavy | March 11, 2015
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After months of stress planning your dream wedding, jetting off on the most romantic honeymoon can be the perfect way to escape the rest of the world and enjoy being a newlywed couple.

Honeymoons are a tradition that originated in early 19th century Britain, with the couple leaving during their reception. Now however, many couples wait until a few days after their wedding, so they can enjoy their big day to the fullest and be able to leave a little calmer and more relaxed.

But where can you find the best honeymoons in the world? We share our top 10 ultimate locations for an unforgettable and amazing honeymoon. There’s something for everyone too, whatever your budget and desires. Whether you’re looking for all-inclusive luxury and pure relaxation, exciting cities to explore, or thrilling adventures, this list has it all…

10. Venice – Best for romance

Sit back, relax and take in this characteristic, floating city via the traditional Venetian gondola. There are many tourist attractions to discover, or enjoy a spot of the local cuisine. With pizza and pasta on the menu, there’s no need to worry now the wedding dress and suit worries are over!

9. Paris – Best for city exploring

Even if you’ve been to this ‘City of Love’ before, it’s still the perfect way to enjoy the start of married life. The city is full of iconic monuments from the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. Enjoy the ambiance, taste the decadent food and experience the street serenades making it the perfect honeymoon destination.

8. Kenya – Best for wildlife

For a very different kind of honeymoon, enjoy a life changing experience in Kenya, home to some of the world’s most famous national parks and reserves. Stay within iconic landscapes and enjoy the unforgettable wildlife. But don’t forget, Kenya also has a tropical coastline, so it’s perfect for enjoying relaxation as well as adventure.

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7. Goa – Best for culture

Located on the west coast of India, honeymoons in Goa will ignite anyone’s senses. If you’re looking for something more active, the north has vibrant markets and even nightclubs. In the daytime, the beautiful sandy beaches are perfect if you’re feeling energetic, with a good choice of water sports. However if it’s rest and relaxation you’re looking for, the south is awash with spotless sandy beaches and luxurious hotels. You can also enjoy the beautiful sunset together, explore the jungle and embrace delicious local flavours.

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6. French Riviera – Best to escape

If you’re looking for the ultimate escape, look no further than the Fresh Riviera. Explore picturesque seaside towns of Nice, Cannes or St-Tropez. Sail around the beautiful Mediterranean coast together, just like the rich and famous. Or if you just want to slip away and escape from the rest of the world, then get your very own villa for the perfect retreat.

5. Chamonix – Best for activity

Looking for something a little different to lying on the beach? Why not go for the polar opposite and enjoy a skiing honeymoon! We’d recommend Chamonix in France, on the north side of the summit of Mont Blanc. There is spectacular scenery, some luxurious hotels and chalets to choose from, plus great food and wine to enjoy. If you’ve not tried skiing before then it can also be great fun to learn a new skill together, which you can enjoy for many years to come…

4. Bali – Best for island paradises

Honeymoons in Bali have something for everyone, with bustling cities and relaxing sandy beaches. It’s a great place for activities, where you could try surfing or perhaps diving. It has a dramatic landscape to explore, with volcanoes and mountains, to beautiful rice fields. You also can’t miss its vivid culture or its temples, with an estimated 10,000. Yet there are also many luxury resorts and spas across the island, so it’s the perfect opportunity to lie back and relax.

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3. St Lucia – Best for fun adventure

St Lucia, a beautiful Caribbean island, has lots to explore, from hidden beaches, thick rainforests, to stunning coral reefs and impressive volcanoes. Enjoy an adventure through the rainforests, or have a laugh together at the mud bath in the Sulphur Springs. This secluded destination really is the perfect, romantic place to go for your honeymoon.

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2. Hawaii – Best for scenery

Hawaii has definitely got to be one of the best honeymoon places in the world. You’re guaranteed to have an exceptional honeymoon experience, whether you plan to relax by the pool, go island hopping, try out surfing, or discover the volcanic setting. Plus at the end of the day, you have the incredible sunsets to watch together from your luxury hotel.

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1. Maldives – Best for marine life

It’s not hard to see why the Maldives make it to the top of our list, with its white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and idyllic, ultra-private, over-water villas. It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the start of married life together. But if you’re looking to make it even more memorable you could learn to dive together and discover the beautiful underwater marine world of the reefs.

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Where are you planning on staying for your honeymoon? We’d love to know! Leave us your comments below.

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