9 Travel Bloggers to Make You Want to Quit Your Job

POSTED BY Mavy | July 1, 2015
Label: Travel Tips

Leaving the 9-5 behind and heading for the open road is a dream many of us share. Now with some inspiring travel bloggers making this dream their reality it’s more tempting than ever to ditch the day job and join them.

Free from the formality of guide books and the sales-pitches of holiday brochures, this new wave of writers are travelling the globe, telling it like it is. And we couldn’t be more jealous.

From European adventurers to transatlantic travellers, here’s our guide our favorite travel bloggers, who might just make you question why you’re still sitting at your desk!

Virginia Stuart Taylor – The Well Travelled Postcard

Just reading Virginia’s exciting “About” page can be enough to have us weeping into our staff canteen lunch, but it’s worth putting your envy aside and engaging in her great travel blogs.

A languages graduate based in London, Virginia’s posts cover everything a modern 20-something needs to know about a destination. There’s talk of travel trends and AirB&B as well as educational ‘how to’s and insight into different festivals and tours around the globe.

Jess Gibson – The Travelista

A travel writer by trade, Jess Gibson set up The Travelista to write about her work trips in her own words and to document her personal travels.

This colourful award-winning travel blog has an emphasis on luxury resorts and destinations, so prepare to be wowed by some seriously beautiful-looking places.

And it’s not just to locations that look good, Jess’s glamorous sense of style makes this blog both an inspirational and aspirational read.

Nomadic Matt – Nomadic Matt

With a motto like “Travel better, cheaper, longer”, Matt is our kind of guy.

Hailing from Boston in the United States, Matt’s been travelling the world on a budget since 2006.

As well as tales of his travels, you’ll find practical tips including how to save for your trip and get the most for your money, making this informative blog essential reading for anyone planning a backpacking adventure or year out.

Brooke Saward – World of Wanderlust

From it’s beginnings as Australian Brooke Saward’s personal travel blog in late 2012, World of Wanderlust (or WOW as it’s known) is now the work of five contributing writers across the world, making this a good one-stop travel blog.

Not only is it great looking, but WOW features a huge wealth of well-written guides to hundreds of destinations. There’s also an array of top tips, from beauty to tech.

With all of the contributors sharing the same skill of writing concise and often funny guides to holiday spots, this blog manages to retain the feel of a personal journey. And it’s one you want to take too.

Kiersten Rich – The Blonde Abroad

A California native, Kiersten Rich decided to “switch the business suit for a bathing suit”, quitting her job in corporate finance to travel the world.

Kiersten’s fun, no nonsense approach to travel blogging makes it an entertaining yet informative read, where you’ll find guides cool exhibitions and local beers alongside more traditional destination info.

With sections on activities including snowboarding, diving, sailing and hiking, this blog provides fantastic ideas for outdoorsy types, as well as having detailed break out sections covering female travel, solo travel, student travel, luxury travel, volunteer travel and budget travel.

Chris Burkard

While not strictly a blogger in the traditional sense, Chris’s site is one that cannot be missed. Photographer Chris Burkard lets his incredible images do the talking. And they are screaming at you to embark on an adventure.

Chris’s breathtaking stills have to be seen to be believed. A self-taught artist his work centres around vast landscapes and the amazing outdoors, with plenty of sea, surf and awe-inspiring vistas.

But be warned…looking at Chris’s awesome journey is 99.9% likely to make your desk job feel even more dreary. If his images don’t captivate you enough, then check out his fantastic recent TED talk.

Kasha Dubaniewicz – Lines of Escape

A Polish Capetonian, Kasha left her South African life behind to move to London and explore the globe.

With her travel tales ranging from domestic trips to The Isle of Wight and The Channel Islands to further afield destinations such a Thailand, it’s Kasha’s uncomplicated fresh approach and emphasis on local food that has us itching to book a flight. Plus, just to make Kasha even more appealing, her boyfriend and good chap Chris is also the man behind Make New Tracks, another superb travel blog not to be missed!

Char Taylor – Taylor Hearts Travel

UK travel and lifestyle blog Taylor Hearts Travel is the brainchild of “impatient travel addict” Char Taylor.

Having been bitten by the travel bug while spending a year backpacking in 2007, Char’s inspired by unique and boutique destinations.

For a quick fix of inspiration head to the ‘THT Loves’ section, where you’ll find a range of Taylor’s not-to-be-missed latest tips on accommodation, restaurants and activities in the UK and abroad.

Travel Dudes

Travel Dudes slightly different than your average travel blog. Rather than a single blogger, Travel Dudes is a massive community of travellers sharing tips, inspiration and advice with fellow adventurers.

The best part of Travel Dudes is that it is written by travelers for travelers. Here you can register and share your own travel experiences and gain inspiration from other nomadic wanders to fuel your next journey. This incredible resource has advice on almost every destination you could ever think of travelling. What’s more, Travel Dudes play a key role in the weekly Travel Talk on Twitter event, taking place every Tuesday, where travelers from across the glove come together for one hour each week to trade tips and adventures. Follow the gossip every week using the #TTOT hashtag.

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