The Future Of Travel - Destination Posters

POSTED BY Mavy | May 26, 2017
Label: Fun Facts

Ever wondered how we’ll travel in the future? We thought it’d be fun to put together a series of destination posters for the holidays of years to come!

We’ve taken a look specifically at five ‘futuristic holidays;’ those which we’re predicting will be available commercially at some point in the next hundred years!

A Hotel On The Moon

We’re predicting that holidays to the moon could be possible in as little as a decade, however it’s very unlikely that the majority of us would be able to afford such a trip. We already know that commercial space flights are likely to be available within three years and it only makes sense that a hotel on the moon will follow suit before too long!

An Underwater Hotel

We’ve known for some time that a fully-underwater hotel is in the works, however developments continually appear to be pushed back. As such, we’re estimating that within five years, there’s a good chance that holidaymakers will be able to have their own underwater adventure in the deep blue sea!

Virtual Reality Tourism

Some travel agents are already using virtual reality to allow consumers to ‘experience’ destinations before making a booking, however we think that, before long, as a way to save money on expensive long-haul trips, we’ll start to see holidaymakers using VR to enjoy anywhere they want from the comfort of their own homes.

Transatlantic Rail Crossing

We know that it’s possible because of the Channel Tunnel, however we don’t think it’ll be too many years before someone starts to make plans for a transatlantic rail crossing; taking travellers from London to New York.

A Drone-Powered Hotel In The Sky

It’s been rumoured for some time now, however we believe that before long we’ll be seeing hotels in the sky, powered by drones which allow individual ‘pods’ to relocate to a destination of the occupant’s choosing for up to three days at a time.


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