World's Best Hotel Wifi? Go South Korea!

POSTED BY Mavy | January 27, 2015
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South Korea

South Korea came top in hotel WiFi quality by 'Hotel WiFi Test' who released a recent report that ranks cities, countries, and world regions by WiFi attributes. Two characteristics of hotel WiFi are considered: the quality of the WiFi and whether in-room WiFi is free. Korea scored 92%, some distance in front of its nearest competitor, which means that business or leisure travellers to the destination, can expect super-fast and consistently stable WiFi during their stay, which has increasingly become a priority for every hotel guest.

Hotel WiFi Test stated in the report, that a hotel is judged as having adequate WiFi if they can provide an expected download speed of at least 3 Mbps (the Netflix recommendation for SD-quality streaming). In Korea widespread download speeds achieve 80 mbps and that's why you will see that most commuters watching TV or gaming on their smartphones when commuting, even on Seoul's enormous metro system.

With 70% of Korea's population owning a smartphone, the demand for faster download speeds and greater innovation is unabated so travellers to this tech powerhouse can be sure of super fast, super stable and generally free WiFi when they stay in a Korean hotel.

South Korea is the most wired country on earth and continues to live up to its reputation as the home to the most advanced technology on the planet. It has the fastest average broadband speed at 22.1 mbps which is nearly twice as much as their nearest rival Japan who comes in at 13.3 mbps coupled with the fastest 4G network anywhere in the world. Seoul is the world's most connected city with over 10,000 free wifi hot spots which includes every part of Incheon International Airport.

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