Pancakes of the world!

POSTED BY Mavy | February 18, 2015
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Happy Pancake Day! Why not celebrate Shrove Tuesday by cooking up international versions of the humble pancake!

US & Canada: Buttermilk Pancakes

Buttermilk pancakes

Thick and fluffy as compared to the British European counterparts, the American Buttermilk Pancake is a breakfast staple eaten with sweet, savoury (and even both) accompaniments! Here’s Martha Stewart’s take on this classic all American pancake.

China: Scallion Pancakes (Cong You Bing)

Scallion pancakes

As compared to how usual pancakes are made in Europe, this Chinese equivalent is savoury, flaky and chewy because it is made from dough and is sprinkled with fragrant sliced scallions. To get the recipe, click here.

India: Dosa


Again another different take on what we are used to, this equally tasty and amazing pancake from India is made from fermented rice batter and black lentils and is served stuffed with vegetables with a side of sauce. You can get the recipe here.

Venezuela & Columbia: Cachapas


This Columbian/Venezuelan pancake rendition is made from corn. Traditionally eaten with cheese with pork on the side for breakfast but some versions also include milky cream, jam or butter. Click here for the recipe.

Ethiopia: Injera


Injera is the national dish of Ethiopia and is made out of teff flour. This type of pancake is spongy and is sourdough-risen, often is eaten with a variety of stews and salads. To see how it’s made, click here.


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