Life Unplugged Best Places for Tech Detox

POSTED BY Mavy | July 10, 2015
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Life Unplugged: Best Places for Tech Detox

With half us confessing to checking work emails during our time off, the digital detox holiday is on the rise.

Resorts where you can ‘check in and check out’ are becoming increasingly popular options; meaning dedicated packages are popping up at destinations around the world.

And as well as tailor-made packages there are also plenty of relaxing getaways where you’re naturally ‘off the grid’ allowing you to enjoy your surrounding without the beep of your text messages (or anyone else’s).

Here’s our guide to seven destinations that will have you looking inward, rather than online.

1. Jongomero Camp, Tanzania

While many safari camps and lodges offer wifi, Jongomero Camp in Tanzania is a place where your smartphone is nothing but a glorified camera (that is no use for taking pictures of wildlife anyway).

As well as no shared internet this camp has no mobile reception, meaning you’re free to take in this beautiful, remote getaway in the Ruaha National Park.

With buffalo, giraffe, zebra, impala, eland, hippo, crocodile, lion and leopard to spot you won’t even miss checking your Facebook, we promise.

2. Goa, India

Life Unplugged: Best Places for Tech Detox

Not only does Goa have a long-standing and well-earned reputation as somewhere to head if you want to relax and unwind, it’s also home to many great yoga retreats and spa holidays.

With limited mobile reception and no wifi at resorts such as the Lotus Yoga Retreat, you’ll get the perfect opportunity to swap looking down at your phone for the downward dog.

Hidden away in unspoilt locations these retreats promise to relax and inspire, sending you home happier and healthier.

You’ll be so busy with the mixture of yoga, meditation and discussion groups that you'll have no time to worry about the thousands of emails piling up in your inbox.

3. Kenauk Nature , Canada

Located 1.5 hours from both Ottawa and Montreal, wilderness resort Kenauk Nature is set on a 65,000-acre fish and game reserve.

As it’s ‘off the grid’ each of their beautiful lakeside cottages comes complete with solar panels and a water pump, but absolutely no mobile reception. With a website that boasts “at Kenauk Nature and the only blackberries grow on bushes" you’re stuck with having to read and enjoy your surroundings or trying out a bit of clay-pigeon shooting or fishing.

The warm, rustic cottages have 1 to 6 bedrooms, plus living rooms, kitchens and porches. All have lake views and private docks, plus wood stoves, propane lights and solar-powered appliances.

4. Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

Life Unplugged: Best Places for Tech Detox

If you’re heading to the Three Camel Lodge in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert you definitely need to remember to put your ‘out of office’ on, as the nearest wifi is 300 miles away in Ulaanbaatar.

But that’s not to say this is a totally ‘back to basics’ retreat. You’ll get to experience a taste of the nomadic lifestyle while staying in traditional tents called Gers, but the deluxe options on offer include ensuite bathrooms, a turn down service, plush camel hair blankets and felt slippers.

5. Shambhla Ranch Retreat, Ukiah, California

This peaceful ranch set in Northern California’s Mendocino hills is a favourite with travel company The Digital Detox, whose company motto is “disconnect to reconnect”.

Tech-free getaways here see devices banished in favour of yoga, meditation, hiking and art.

With luxurious private rooms and a capacity of just 14 guests at any one time, it’s a perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy the great outdoors.

6. St Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean

If you are after a tropical island paradise, but don't want to fall into the trap of constantly checking the weather report, St Vincent and the Grenadines could be the spot for you.

This small group of islands are asking guests to ‘de-tech’ on arrival, handing over devices for the duration of their stay.

With many of the hotels also opting for no TVs in the guest rooms it’s a perfect opportunity to go pixel free and have a full tech detox.

And if you find the lack of technology all a bit too much, they will even provide a life coach who can teach you how not not let tech affect your life.

7. Wild camping, Norway

For many of us ‘camping’ means heading to a welcoming site equipped with hot showers, wifi and maybe even a kids’ disco, but ‘wild camping’ is a different beast entirely.

Part of the national identity in Norway and Sweden, this outdoorsy adventure sees you pitching your tent off-piste, often far from civilisation.

Ease yourself in by heading to the wooded area surrounding Sognsvann lake, just north of Oslo, or get adventurous with a summer trip the dramatic Lofoten islands, inside the Arctic Circle. You won’t be able to send a text message, but you will be able to experience midnight sun.

There are many options to get away from everything digital. Our advice, turn everything off and truly get away from it all!

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