Island Hopping In The Caribbean Made Easy

POSTED BY Mavy | July 10, 2015
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Island Hopping In The Caribbean Made Easy

For the avid traveler, the Caribbean island offers an experience like no other. You can choose to get across the islands by plane, by ship or even on a sailboat. Island hopping in the Caribbean exposes you to a wide array of sights and sounds as each island has its own distinct charm. Although some of the islands are relatively hard to reach, it is definitely worth the trouble. The harder they are to access, the more beautiful they are likely to be. When you plan on getting down to some serious island hopping, there are some factors that you need to keep in perspective. Keeping them in mind will make your trip an enjoyable experience for sure. Here are our tips on Visiting the Caribbean.

When to Visit

The peak season stretches from December to April, where you can enjoy prime weather, and so naturally, the rates will be significantly high at that point. You also need to know that hurricane season is from June 1 to Nov 30, and this is fairly consistent.

How to Choose an Island

With hundreds of islands dotting the Caribbean, choosing which island to visit first can be tricky. This is why you need to have your priorities laid out before you set out. If you are planning to rock the night partying with an amazing crowd, you should opt for Jamaica, Puerto Rico or the Bahamas. These are some of the hottest party zones on the planet offering an amazing night life and the opportunity to meet plenty of interesting people. If discovering beautiful Caribbean beaches is on the top of your priority list, you need to explore the Dominic Republic, the fantastic Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman or Bermuda with its amazing pink sands. If it's tranquility and a calm ambience that you're yearning for sans the beaches, Saba is the spot for you. The island also offers great opportunities for hikers.


Jumping between the Caribbean islands can be trickier than you would imagine. Although ferries are the best option, giving you the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds at a leisurely pace, there are just not enough and you would end up waiting for extended periods of time. If you are on a tight schedule, flying would be your only choice.


You have plenty of options to fly to and between the Caribbean islands. You have direct, non-stop flights from the US to the major islands like Jamaica. Getting to some of the smaller islands may involve a couple of stops along the way. If you're trying to get to the really small islands, you need to be ready for some adventure with small planes, precarious landings and dangerously short runways.

Island Hopping In The Caribbean Made Easy


There is one ferry option that is absolutely delightful. The L'Express des Iles takes you through Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe and St. Lucia. The Great Bay Ferry that shuttles between St. Martin and St. Barts is another option at your disposal.


Accommodation is cheap and there are plenty of options at hand. That being said, for the high flying jet-setters with plenty of money to spend, the islands offer uncompromised luxury, the best that money can buy anywhere in the world.

Local Networks

You can look up some fantastic deals on Airbnb that provide you give you great bargains in locations like Barbados and Curacao. Cuba has a pretty effective and convenient bed and breakfast system that provides you accommodation in local residences for as cheap as thirty dollars a night. If you are a traveller on a budget, this is like a dream come true. There is a cute hotel on Treasure Beach in Jamaica called the Taino Cove. With a beautiful crescent contoured beach and an outdoor swimming pool and cool breezes flowing from the coast, you can have the perfect tranquil experience, detached from all the noise you have been trying to run away from.

What to do in the Caribbean

Cap-Haitien in Haiti is a lovely stretch to explore. Although the beaches are not really fit to swim in, it has some distinct sights that will arouse your curiosity. A short bus ride from away will take you to the Dominican Republic which offers a relaxed and sleepy ambience. Going on from there, you can reach Puerto Plata, which marks the beginning of a string of luxury resorts.

The Port of Spain in Trinidad, Paramaribo in Suriname, and Georgetown are all wonderful holiday spots where you can let your hair down and let the good times roll.

Island Hopping In The Caribbean Made Easy

Travelling to the Caribbean is marked by its relaxed pace and absolute detachment from your everyday hustle. With a diverse culture and amazing architecture to explore, island hopping in the Caribbean is probably something you might want to do every year.

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