Fictional Travel - Destination Posters

POSTED BY Mavy | May 31, 2017
Label: Fun Facts

Ever dreamed of travelling to your favourite fictional destination? We thought it’d be fun to put together 5 destination posters for the holidays we wish we could have!

We’ve taken a look specifically at five of the most popular fictional destinations of all time, illustrating how travel posters for each of these may look; if such holidays were possible to book!

A Trip To Tatooine

Who wouldn’t want to visit a stunning desert destination under the heat of the two suns, Tatooine, home of the infamous Luke Skywalker?

Book A Stay In The Heart Of Middle Earth

Spending a week relaxing in the heart of Middle Earth would be fantastic, wouldn’t it? Surely you’ve always watched the films, read the books and wanted to venture to the land of Bilbo and co?

Follow The Yellow Brick Road In Oz

If you’ve ever wanted to follow the yellow brick road and walk along in Dorothy’s footsteps in the land of Oz, here’s your opportunity!

Stay Young In Neverland

If you’ve ever wanted to stay young forever, you need to visit Neverland; the home of Peter Pan and friends!

Go Into The Wardrobe and Visit Narnia

If you fancy heading into a land of an eternal winter, why not go into the wardrobe and visit Narnia - whatever the season, you’ll enjoy time in the snow. 

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