Comparing The Cost Of Reserving Seats On Every Major European Airline

POSTED BY Mavy | July 21, 2017
Label: Travel Tips

Unfortunately, the days of being able to pick your own seat on a plane free of charge have long gone, with almost all of the major airlines now requiring you to pay a fee to choose in advance.

Being allocated a seat at random if fine for some people, such as business travellers and those flying alone, but for larger groups and families, it’s important to all be sat together.

Alternatively, you might want to be seated by a window, or near the doors for a quick exit off the plane.

For some airlines, these fees can be as little as £1.99 (EasyJet) or £3.99 (, but for others such as Virgin Atlantic, they can be as much as £30!

Here’s the cost of reserving a seat on every major European airline:

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