Common Mistakes Made When Booking Family Holidays

POSTED BY Mavy | February 9, 2015
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The summer holidays are drawing closer and parents everywhere are starting to look around for holiday ideas. Here are some things to consider before booking…

The space issue

Tempted to book a standard room for a family of four? Sure, you’d save a pretty penny but a child may be cranky, tired and sleepless having to contend staying on a camp bed or sofa for a couple of days. Also, a family holiday is for the parents too and having to share a room means no privacy, no fun. This is when talking to travel agents can be handy as they are able to talk to you about holiday/room options that are better suited for your family.

Wrong flight timings

Red eye flights are certainly cheaper, or those flights with longer connections can definitely be a cost saving – but are they worth it considering you’ve got little ones in tow? Some airports are good at providing child-friendly amenities but it’s better to do your research first or speak to the travel agent to see if they can arrange a cheap flight with the best connections and timings.

Not Considering Transfer Times

Many parents don't look at the transfer time when choosing a resort, but a lengthy onward journey is often the last thing a tired family needs after getting to the airport and after their flight itself - especially with young children. Check the means of transport offered - is it a minibus that is going to stop at several hotels, and if so should you consider a private car straight to your hotel? Also, don’t forget to find out if car seats are going to be available if you need them.

Kid’s Clubs and Crèches

Some resorts and hotels offer kid’s clubs and crèches - but it’s important to consider certain points first before booking. Check the ages covered, whether siblings of different ages can be accommodated in the same group, are they free or chargeable, and if childcare needs to be reserved ahead.

Also, many parents don't know enough about what options they have with regards to crèches. Is there a free one available at your resort and if so - does it need booking ahead? If it's not free, what is the cost? Is the nanny:child ratio acceptable and is the crèche run to UK standards?

Forgetting to Pre-book Activities

If certain facilities and activities are important to your holiday (like tennis and football lessons) don't leave it to chance especially if the children have their sights set on doing something specific. Make sure you do ample research and always book well ahead.

Not Finding Out About Eating Arrangements

Check that your resort will have child-friendly food offerings - especially if the little ones are fussy eaters. And look into other elements of eating - most importantly, whether restaurant timings will suit you. If dinner starts at 7.30pm, this may be too late for younger kids.

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