Cities From Above - Amazing Bird’s Eye Views of Cities Around the World

POSTED BY Mavy | August 17, 2017
Label: Fun Facts

Seeing things from a different perspective can totally change how you view something, and the same goes for cities.

And with Google Maps now offering us our own aerial picture of the entire world, we thought we’d scour the globe to find some of the most amazing bird’s eye views across the world.


“Barcelona is a beautiful city no matter what level you view it from, but you might be surprised to see how it looks from above, with a regimented grid-style plan.

New York City

“One of the most iconic cities in the world, it’s only when you see New York from above that you really appreciate the size of Central Park.”


“Dubai is known for its many skyscrapers which reach high into the air, but it’s also notable for its man-made islands, the Palm Islands and The World.”


“The canals of Venice are world famous, but have you ever noticed how the Grand Canal snakes through the city in an almost perfect ‘S’ shape?”


“Canals are also an important feature in Amsterdam, forming a kind of horseshoe shape around the city.”

Mexico City

“Mexico City is one of the biggest cities in the world, and it looks amazing from above, especially this roundabout and its surrounding streets, which look like a huge spoked wheel.”

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