Celebrations Around the World You Never Knew Existed

POSTED BY Mavy | October 12, 2017
Label: Fun Facts

Around the world, there are loads of great celebrations which you should try and see if you ever get the chance.

For example, there’s the festival of colour that is Holi, celebrated in India and Nepal, Carnival in Brazil, and Thanksgiving in America.

However, there are loads of much stranger celebrations held around the world, which you’ve probably never heard of at all!

Spain – The Baby Jumping Festival

It seems dangerous, but in the small village of Castrillo de Murcia, locals still practice this ritual where men dressed as the devil leap over the bodies of newborns.

The idea is that the act will purge the babies of sin, with the evil spirit leaving their bodies and following Satan.

Japan – Mountain Day

It’s only in its second year, but in Japan, there’s a whole day dedicated to nature and mountains in specific.

What makes it really notable is that it’s an actual national holiday, meaning that everyone gets a day off work!

Turkey – The Kırkpınar Oil Wrestling Festival

Held in the honour of two soldiers who fought to the death on the same spot hundreds of years ago, these days, competitors fight it out dressed only in leather bottoms, covered in olive oil.

To make things that little bit weirder, the victor gives a kiss to his competitor “to demonstrate humility and honesty”.

UK – Gloucester Cheese Rolling Festival

You might have heard of this one, but it’s too good not to include! Residents of Brockworth in Gloucester chase a 7.8 pound roll of cheese down a ridiculously steep hill, with very few making it down on both feet.

Finland – Wife Carrying Championship

At the annual World Wife Carrying Championships, men carry their spouse across a challenging 234.5m path, with the winning couple rewarded in the wife’s weight in beer!

Italy – The Battle of the Oranges

The town of Ivrea is home to one of the biggest food fights in the world, where competitors throw oranges at one another, with one team on foot, one riding carriages, and spectators who don’t want to be involved marked out by wearing red hats.

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