A Travel Blogger's Guide To Choosing A City Break Destination

POSTED BY Mavy | June 20, 2017
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Sometimes, when you just need to escape for a couple of days, where better than a city with a completely different culture, where you can immerse yourself in an entirely new part of the world? Every city has a unique story, so whether you travel near or far, you’ll be sure to make great memories.

Cities are easily accessible, simpler to organise getaways to, and full of activities. So which one do you choose? Here are some of the best ways that the travel pros themselves choose their getaway locations.

Ayngelina, Bacon is Magic

“People often choose far off destinations for a city break. They want something exotic and unfamiliar. But that often means they forget amazing places in their own country, just a couple hours away.

“But choosing somewhere in your own country is less hassle, as you don’t need a passport or to change currency. One of my favourite city breaks is Montreal, which is only four hours by train or less than two hours by flight, but you would be surprised how many Torontonians have been to Paris but not Montreal.

“Even if you’ve been to the major cities it’s wonderful to learn more about your own country. Find somewhere rural to go - now that is a true city break.”

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Endri, Trip and Travel Blog

"Finding your next city break destination can be tricky. Firstly, you need to think about the places you've already visited and consider if you liked any of them enough to go again. Most people like to see different places each time so a new destination wins this dilemma most of the time.

“Afterwards, you need to think about cities you always wanted to see and explore. This way you'll easily come up with at least two or three options. Next up, you need to look up travel guides and reviews about these cities and find out all the details you need to make an informed decision about which is the perfect place for you.

“For us, the best way to choose is to go for cities that are very different than the one we live in or grew up in. Similar cities will not be as refreshing an experience, and you won't get as much out of it. So if you live in a coastal city, you might want to try a city in a mountainous or snowy region.

“Finally, in our opinion, the best way to choose your next city break destination is to look inside your heart and find the place you always wanted to go and have been longing for. You can't go wrong this way."

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Heather, Heather On Her Travels

“When deciding which city to visit next I always look first at where I can fly from my local airport of Bristol, since it's so much more convenient than travelling for hours to the airport. I also look for flights that work for a short break, perhaps around the weekend and have civilised flight times that will get you there before lunch and not require too early a start.

“Of course, once I've established the places that are easy to get to, I'll consider where I might like to visit - for me I'm always looking for a combination of sunshine, great food and some interesting things to see and do.“

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Fabio, Fab Meets World

“More often than not, I travel with my stomach; if I know a destination has nice food, I'll almost always be convinced to visit! 

“That said, I think of myself as more of an opportunist. I like to search for really cheap flights to new cities I've never considered -- usually under the £50/€50 mark -- and from the shortlist, select a country that appeals to me. I managed to get a £10 return flight from London to Copenhagen for example, which is insane.

“This approach involves having an open mind and being flexible -- the best deals tend to be mid-week and off-peak -- but it has given me the opportunity to visit places I may never have thought of too.

“Besides that, I think it’s a simple case of following your interests and passions. Personally, I love being by the beach and warm weather, but equally love taking photos of interesting architecture and city life -- which is why cities like Lisbon and Barcelona are so appealing to me. They blend together all of that!”

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Lia & Jeremy, Practical Wanderlust

“When we're choosing our next city break destination, if we don't have anywhere specific in mind, the first thing we look for is cost. We use Google Flights to search for flight deals from our city to anywhere in the world. We then choose whatever's cheap, and a quick plane ride away. This is a fantastic way to discover a city that might not otherwise be on your radar!

“Something else that helps us choose a city break destination - and feel free to judge us here -  is food and drink. Yes, we plan city breaks around what we want to eat. Judge away. So we might visit Austin just for the BBQ, or Nashville just for the hot fried chicken, or Louisville just for the bourbon (& food with bourbon in it, of course). Honestly, this has yet to steer us wrong, and we've fallen in love with many a city by eating our way through it on a walking food tour or just by hop-scotching our way through the local eateries!

“If we're still stumped for a city break destination, we'll scour Pinterest and Instagram for photographic inspiration. Yep, that's right: we totally judge a place by its photos. It's like judging a book by the cover, but for travel bloggers. If we find a particularly photogenic place on Instagram or Pinterest, we'll start digging into what else we might enjoy in that location to see if it's a city break we want to take!”

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Kamara, Euriental

“When picking a city break destination, I first determine when I’m actually free to go and how long for. Is it going to be a short weekend trip, a bank holiday, five days away?

“Next, I consider which cities are on my wish list. Can I feasibly go to any of them in the time that I have? If the answer is yes - what will the weather be during the time that I want to go? For example, I live in London. If I'm looking for a three-day long city trip, I'll almost certainly be looking at European countries that are up to four hours away (for some that might seem far, still, but I don't mind it if I can get there early on a Saturday morning and leave late on a Monday night).

“Finally, I narrow my list down to five cities which all have the kind of weather I’m after at the time of year I’m looking to go. I’ll then conduct a Google Flights search to compare options and find out which is the cheapest on my available dates.

“An important thing to check as well is that there are no special events going on during that time in the city. Even if you find a cheap flight, you might arrive to find that hotels are much more expensive during the event, or that taxis will take three times as long as usual, or certain areas will be off-limits. After that, you should be good to go!”

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Hadas, The Fashion Matters

“City holidays are a great way to experience the country’s culture, vibe, local traditions, cuisine, and leisure activities. However, before choosing a city there are several points you might want to consider.

‘Firstly, you have to decide the nature of your desired holiday. For example, some might prefer to hike and be surrounded by nature, while others prefer relaxing on the beach during their holiday. Both options provide different types of vacations; therefore, not every city can fulfil those needs. For instance, for those who prefer to hike a great city break option will be Edinburgh, with the option to hike to Arthur’s Seat and enjoy the incredible views, While for those who prefer to stay over at the seaside, a great option will be Barcelona for its gorgeous beach.

“Secondly, it is helpful to choose the region/country you want to visit first, and only then make a list of the possible city break options. If you decided you want to vacation in Europe, make a list of your top choices. If you really know you want to visit Spain to experience the Spanish culture or maybe practice your Spanish research, what are your city options in Spain? It is important to research because beyond the obvious choices of Barcelona and Madrid you also have cities like Seville, Malaga, and Valencia. This will help you narrow down the options to a short-list. You might find out about more authentic cities you didn’t know existed. Still struggling to decide where to go? The next point might help even more.

“Thirdly, your city break depends on your budget. In high season, accommodation and flights to cities like Rome, London or Paris can get highly expensive. Therefore, if it’s out of your budget you need to consider when the right time to visit is. I visited Athens in May before the high season started in mid-June and my accommodation was half the price than in the hot summer months. Alternatively, you might want to change your destination to match your budget.”

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Victoria, Citybase Apartments

“Make sure you consider the local cuisine before you book a family holiday. Somewhere like Italy has plenty of pizza and pasta options that are ideal for little ones, while there’ll still be plenty of options should you want anything a bit more adventurous.

“In addition, make sure you accommodation isn’t too far from the airport. If you’re going somewhere hot and you’re stuck in a coach for hours on end, you’re not going to have a great time. If your hotel is a bit far out, then travel sickness tablets are a safe bet for those who aren’t used to long journeys in the blaring heat.”

Shannon, The Wanderlust Effect

“As an island dweller in the Caribbean, city breaks are my sanity; an infusion of energy, life, culture and endless options in a bustling cityscape. There are a few factors that I take into consideration when choosing my next city destination: how much time do I have? Any festivals or special seasonal offerings? What am I looking for on the trip (e.g. dining, the arts, culture, etc.)? Any flight deals or more budget-friendly options that help make a city escape less of a splurge? 

“For timing, if we only have a long weekend, we stick to quick escapes where travel time won’t eat away too much of our time to enjoy a city! Being based in the Caribbean, that means flights that are direct and generally under six hours (e.g. New York, Montreal, or even Paris if flights work). If you have more time, cities further afield are fair game – many can be used as hubs for nearby day trips, too!  

“We embark on a pre-holiday escape every December and for that particular getaway we choose cities that celebrate the holidays in style, with great Christmas markets and lots of holiday spirit (e.g. the last two years we’ve done New York and Quebec City). The same can be said for other festivals and seasons throughout the year. Cities generally have such great cultural opportunities, free crafts and food markets, and awesome arts programs that can be a major draw depending on what you’re looking for in your getaway.

 “Lastly, flight deals, exchange rates, and opportunities to live large on a budget are always enticing. The euro/dollar exchange rate is making Europe a bit more alluring than it was historically so places like Paris, Vienna and Rome aren’t as much of a splurge as they were before. Or head to places where your currency goes even further (e.g. South Africa, Croatia, Brazil) to enjoy great dining and activities without breaking the bank. With so many amazing and diverse destinations around the globe, there are cities that appeal to everyone, regardless of budget, interests, and travel style.”

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Shanna, There and Back Again

“My favorite way to choose a city break destination is most applicable to people who travel with children, but will make anyone’s trip more enjoyable.  We prefer to choose destinations and plan our trips by looking for a city break destination with a great city park and playground nearby.  The benefits of staying near a park with a great playground are obvious if you are traveling with kids.  Having a convenient place to let them loose to burn off energy makes everyone’s trip more enjoyable.   

“Even if you don’t have kids, having a nice green space nearby will make your trip more rewarding.  Parks are traditionally a place where local people congregate.  They enjoy time with their families there, or relax in the sunshine over lunch and wine.  Slowing down and taking time to participate in these activities will give you a different perspective on the place that you are visiting than you will get if you stick to only visiting the main tourist hot spots.  When in Rome… 

“To find destinations that have great parks, start by doing an internet search for “best city parks in Country/Region” or something similar.  Once you narrow down your search to a few possible destinations, look up the park in question on Google Maps and see if there are accommodations, transportation, attractions and other amenities nearby that are of interest and in your price range.  This should help you narrow down your choices.   

“Using a park as a starting point for planning your city break will make the rest of the trip planning process easier and give you necessary moments of time to just relax and soak up your destination!”

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Nellie, Wild Junket

“I would usually use Skyscanner's 'Everywhere' function to search for the cheapest destinations from my home airport. That way I get some ideas on where I can go on a city break without breaking the bank and spending too much time getting there.

“Another way is to subscribe to websites like Secret Flying and Fly 4 Free, which notify you when they find an error fare or promo airfare from your home airport. I've found amazing deals like $200 for a return ticket from Madrid to Accra, Ghana, and $250 for a return flight to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.”

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Kate, Petite Adventures.

“City breaks are one of my favourite ways to travel. They are the perfect getaway, allowing you to explore a new city, experience new things, eat interesting foods and recharge your batteries, all without sacrificing too much of your hard-earned time off. 

“If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a mental list about a mile long of the various cities you’d like to visit when you have a chance. With so many options, it can be hard (overwhelming at times) to narrow down exactly where you want to travel, but I’ve found that by focusing on two key factors, budget and time, you can easily find the perfect destination for your next city break.

“It’s not the most exciting, but budget is often the first thing I consider when I’m looking to plan a city break. Before I do any searching, I look at how much I have and want to spend on my upcoming trip, and this helps me narrow down the list pretty quickly.

“Thankfully, Europe is brimming with destinations that can easily be explore at any budget. Whether you’re looking to spend just £200, or are eager to ball out on an OTT vacay, there’s a destination for you!

“Once I’ve determined how much I am willing to spend; I look at how much time I have off. This usually helps narrow down the list even further. If my time is limited to two or three days, I’ll try to pick a destination that doesn’t require too much travel – say a shorter flight or a train ride – because when time is of the essence, the last thing I want is to spend a full-day in transit.

“Once I’ve figured out how much I want to spend and how much time I have, that's when the fun of searching, booking and planning begins!”

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Becky, The Girl and Globe

“In today's world, it's easy to get overwhelmed by choices and planning information. To narrow things down, define a clear goal or theme for your trip. Are you traveling to try a new cuisine, indulge in your favorite pastime, or shop for a specialty item?

“By setting a specific intention, you'll be able to look for recommendations on the perfect destination and a unique set of experiences. Tailor the getaway to your own personality and interests, even if that means skipping a few well-known city highlights that don't interest you.

“You'll end up with a memorable holiday and unique stories to share with family and friends once you return home.”

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Chloe, Wanderlust Chloe

“One of my favourite places for travel inspiration is Instagram! I follow a lot of travel bloggers and big travel accounts and can easily spend hours and hours scrolling my feed. I've found a few gorgeous destinations using it (along with lots of tips on places to eat and activities to do). Obviously a big factor will always be weather and how much there is to do, so once I’ve narrowed down my choice I tend to Google more info. Being a blogger, I’m always keen to see what other bloggers have written about, as often they have really up to date content, and write about great hidden gems. There are a few blogs I look at regularly, but I’ve found some amazing info just stumbling across it during the research process.

“While there’s quite a mix of quality, YouTube is another great place to look for inspiration! If you narrow down a shortlist of destinations and then watch a few videos about them, you’ll get a real feel for what it’d be like to travel there. I really love sharing video content as I think it’s a way to really showcase a destination – everything from the food to the culture and the landscape in a three-minute chunk! With attention spans getting shorter, no doubt video content is going to get even more popular!”

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Neil, Backpacks and Bunkbeds

“’Always go somewhere new’ goes the saying, unless you have unfinished business I'd add.

“Personally I'm a big fan of short transfer. A flight may only be an hour, but if you end up miles and hours outside of your intended destination was the short flight really worth it? From airport to apartment/hotel/hostel I'm looking for a quick and easy (and affordable transfer).

“Similarly, I want to fly from my local airport. In my case it's Heathrow, which flights out of may cost a little more, but once you factor in time saved and money saved on getting to Stansted/Luton/Gatwick, it probably works around the same in the end anyway.

“Essentially, both of the above lean towards reaching my chosen destination as quickly and easily as possible. If it costs a tad more so be it, I can justify the extra by way of having a couple more hours in my chosen destination.”

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David, Travelsewhere

“A big question you need to answer when deciding on a city break is what you’re looking for in your time away. We all have different elements of urban life that tickle our fancy, so it only makes sense to tailor your city break around your interests. If you’re somewhere like Europe, you have so many cities to choose from, each with their own strengths and hooks.

“Perhaps you’re looking to explore some culinary delights? If so, look somewhere like San Sebastian or Copenhagen. Wanting to revel in bohemian vibes? Try Porto or Bucharest. Seeking culture and world class museums? Look no further than Vienna or Oslo. After grand historical landmarks? Think Prague or Krakow. Interested in all of the above and somewhere that’s a safe bet? You can’t go wrong with Barcelona or Rome.

“For me personally, I love getting to explore the unsung cities of Central and Eastern Europe. These cities tend to see fewer tourists and have fewer iconic sights, allowing for a free, more liberal visit. By not having a long list of must-see, star attractions that I must visit, I’m able to explore at a more natural pace and indulge my curiosities. If I see something that catches my eye, I’m able to go off and see what’s what.

“My recommendation for city sightseeing is to note a few big attractions you want to see to give your visit a little structure, but then allow time for spontaneous exploring. Who knows what you might come across if you’re not rigidly rushing from one sight to the next? After all, it’s meant to be a city break, not a task or chore.”

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Chris, Trails Unblazed

“Most of our trips are outdoor-oriented vacations far away from any major city; however, occasionally we’ll find ourselves craving a break from our typical getaway. Since travel blogging is a side-gig for us, our ability to travel is constrained by work, limited vacation days, and other everyday responsibilities that make it difficult to simply plan an escape at the drop of a hat.

“Therefore, planning a city break comes down to two simple criteria for us.

1) Where can we reasonably and conveniently go for a weekend that won’t feel rushed?

2) Where can we go that won’t break the bank? If we can find a destination that adequately answers both of these questions, then we’ve found our city break destination.

“For example, we would be unlikely to plan a weekend escape to Rome, given that the flights from our hometown of Boston would leave us with almost no time to enjoy the city. Furthermore, the cost of those round trip flights would almost certainly be too high to justify such a short trip. A more likely scenario would be a city that we could reach by car or plane within four or five hours max. This would give us time to get to our destination on a Friday night, have a full day on Saturday and most of Sunday to enjoy the city. With Boston as our home base, this provides us with a well-defined radius from which to choose a destination. Although this radius may not be huge, there are still plenty of incredible cities that we can visit in a weekend, assuming we can find reasonably-priced direct flights. This leaves us with some major cities such as New York, Washington DC, or Montreal, but also some smaller cities like Portland, Maine or Burlington, Vermont that have more than enough to offer for a weekend visit. It’s not rocket science. It’s all a matter of maximizing time and minimizing price.”

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Violeta & Liliana, Earth’s Attractions

“As someone who lives in Europe, I find it very easy to choose a city break destination. From big cities to smaller ones, from famous to less crowded towns, in Europe you find it all.

“There are a few elements to take into account when choosing the next city break destination. First of all, it's the personal preference. The question is: do I really want to visit a city NOW? In which case, I simply start the research part (flights, costs, accommodation, etc.). Also, does the person I am travelling with want to visit a given city?

“If there is no ‘urgent’ location to visit, then the best way to start planning a city break is to start with choosing between a city in your country or one in a different country. Then, choose the transport (car, train, flight) and accommodation. Are there any good deals for flights for the immediate period? As many companies (not necessarily low cost carriers) make such special offers, it's a good idea to take advantage of those.

“When choosing a city break destination, you should also take into consideration the season – some cities are great late spring, others are too hot during the summer, while others offer great views during the fall or host fun events in winter. Also, keep in mind your available budget when planning it all. Pay attention to the overall costs – not only to the transport/accommodation ones.

“Last, but not least, what type of city break are you looking for now? Is it a cultural one – a city with museums or many historical sights? Is it a trip aimed to relax you – maybe somewhere with a beach or a mountain resort? Are you interested in doing some shopping somewhere? Do you want to attend a special event or concert?

“If you pay attention to these criteria, you will definitely select the best city break destinations all year long!”

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Niki, Chasing Departures

“If you want to have some fun while searching for a destination, get a map, a corkboard, and some darts. If you want to stay within a certain geographical region such as Europe or the US, don’t bother hunting down a world map. Once you get it set up, throw a dart at your map and see where it lands. You will probably end up in a place you would never have thought to visit. 

“Or if you are not quite as spontaneous as throwing a dart at a map, you can always go to more traditional route when picking a destination.

“I’m always on the lookout for a new place to check out. Instagram, Pinterest, and posts from other bloggers are some of my favorite ways to find a destination. By the end of a short search, I end up with a list of places that I want to check out. But, I usually pick a city that I’ve been dying to visit for some time. 

“The best way to narrow down a single destination is to look at the activities you want to do while there. Do you want to lounge on the beach and do absolutely nothing? No judgment, that sounds like the perfect weekend. Or do you want to get out and explore?  By knowing what you want to do, you can cut down your list of potential places dramatically.

“If you still have too many places to choose from in mind, start to get realistic, if you haven’t already. For example, I really want to visit New Zealand, however, that is way too far away for a three or four-day weekend. I would spend all of that time traveling there and back! 

“And if you still can’t choose, write the destinations down on a slip of paper and throw them in a hat or a baggie. Mix them up and pull one out. No cheating! If you are disappointed by the one you pulled out and were hoping for one still in the hat, now you know exactly where to go. Now go have fun!”

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Alesha & Jarryd, NOMADasaurus

“In our opinion, the best way to choose your next city break is to simply think of a place you've always wanted to visit, then start working out the logistics to get there. What really helps to ensure you get out there is to think of an activity, sight or attraction that you really want to see. For example, instead of saying, ‘I really want to visit X’, think, ‘I really want to ride a bike around X’. This will help motivate you to get out there and make the most of your city break.”

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Angela, Chasing the Unexpected

"When I'm picking a destination for a city break, I usually prefer places not too big and with a pretty compact historic centre where most things are easy to reach, or cities I had previously visited and I want to keep exploring. This is because for a city break I consider only a couple of days. If the city has an overwhelming wealth of landmarks and is so big that much of the time will be spent on public transport, I get lost when I'm still planning the trip.

“As an example, for me, Florence is a perfect city break destination for two reasons: I live in Rome so it takes me only an hour and 20 minutes by train to get there and I have already visited most landmarks. Otherwise I wouldn't recommend Florence for a short trip, unless you just want to hang out and soak in beauty for two days without actual sightseeing plans.

“It all depends on what you want from a city break. In my opinion, if you have never been to cities like Rome or Paris, they are the destinations for longer trips. For shorter getaways I would rather head to smaller cities like the beautiful Bruges, Budapest, Prague or even Amsterdam for biking fans.

“On the other hand, if you are looking only at a weekend of fun or romance, Venice, Rome or Paris are definitely a great choice!"

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Lumen, Lulu Meets World

“Choosing your next travel destination can be quite daunting, especially when you're bombarded with tons of options for places to see and things to do after a single Google search. My recommendation would be to pursue your interests and passions. Are you into nightlife? Art? History? Nature? Extreme sports? All of the above?

“No matter where you are in the world, you will have a good time if you're engaged in activities you love. I would argue that the best thing about living in the Age of Information is the ability to connect with people beyond borders. Finding your tribe is easier than ever! Join Facebook groups or Couchsurfing communities who share your interests and ask them for recommendations. For example, I'm a makeup artist so I'm always on the hunt for the latest beauty trends around the world. I've posed one question on several online groups that include other beauty enthusiasts and received tons of great advice from a variety of areas. My question was, ‘Which city is the best place for foreigners to visit if they wanted to go makeup shopping in your country?’. This method is effective since you're getting advice from locals instead of generic travel guides that are so overdone.

“Aside from pursuing your passions, you can also choose a city break destination by tracing your family history. Talk to your parents, grandparents, and other relatives abroad who have grown up in a different city or a different country altogether. In today's world, it's very common - if not the norm - to be a first, second, or third-generation immigrant. You'd be surprised at the lives your relatives led before migrating to the country you were born in! Knowing your roots can do wonders for your self-esteem and allows you to connect more closely with the people around you.

“Lastly, you can log on to Skyscanner, FlightHub, or any other airline ticket aggregator and book a discounted flight to anywhere! Besides, who doesn't love a good sale? If you're a spontaneous traveler, you're probably already familiar with this method. Personally, it's my favourite method of selecting a city break destination. Just book the flight and figure out the details later!”

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Bren, Bren on the Road

“When visiting a city for the first time, there are three things that usually take up most of my time: Finding places to eat, figuring out how to get around, and budgeting. Therefore, when choosing a place for a short visit, the three things I look for are; affordability, walkability, and interesting things to eat.

“Affordability is important so I don't need to be constantly worrying about how much money I'm spending. If I see something I want, I buy it! And I can also stay somewhere comfortable, like a boutique hotel, without worrying about the price tag.

“Walkability and getting around is important because I dislike spending all my time commuting around the city. Compact, walkable cities are essential, or at the very least, a cheap and efficient subway.

“Lastly, food. Since you're going to eat three or four times a day, it's important that the city has a ton of good, cheap food! Foodie cities always make for amazing holidays. What are some great cities that fit the bill? Bangkok, Lisbon, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Kraków are just a few of my favourites for an urban break.”

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Amar, Gap Year Escape

“I think it’s too easy to get bogged down trying to match up the perfect weather, avoiding tourists and high season fees when selecting a city break destination. Sure, if the beach is your priority than maybe the weather will be a big factor but I’ve been on city breaks where it has chucked it down and it didn’t put a dent in my enjoyment.

“Neither of these are particularly genius ways of picking a destination but I’ve used both before. I think every city has something to offer and you can work out the finer details further down the line. 

“The first one is to go with your gut. Maybe Rome has always appealed, you just want to eat lots of tapas in Spain or you just fancy Ljubljana because you’ve heard it’s cheap. Just go for it! If a place calls to you just do it.

“On the other end of the scale if you have no clue where you want to go and feeling adventurous leave it up to chance. The old ‘just turn up to the airport and book the next flight’ fantasy might be a little impractical but perhaps you visit the next country to win Eurovision or stick a vote up on your Facebook. The element of surprise adds to the travel excitement!”

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Karen, Wanderlustingk

“I consider checking cheap flights one of my favorite ways to book your next city break. Although we often feel like we need to visit popular locations, some of my favorite city breaks have involved taking a risk on a cheap flight to visit a city that I had not previously considered visiting before. I find these trips are a way to push yourself out of your comfort zone by trying out different ways of traveling (budget, solo, culture, luxury, foodie!) and learning about cultures that you might not know about. Additionally, with a low cost for flights, it's easy to convince friends to join you​! ​

“I also consider the nearby nature as well as quirky sights as a way of selecting a city break. I usually check Atlas Obscura for unique and mesmerizing sights that I might not find in a guidebook that might be close to my destination. On a city ​break to a city in the Netherlands​, I was able to find information about a beautiful bookstore that was housed in a former Catholic church that made my trip worthwhile as a literature geek​. Sometimes, that extra amount of research to find a unique eatery or an attraction that caters to your interests is all it takes to convince you take a city break that you'll love.”

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So, where are you planning on going this summer, and how did you choose? Wherever you choose to visit, happy travels!

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