It’s a knockout! A spray to help you sleep in a hotel or plane!

POSTED BY Mavy | January 28, 2015
Label: Flights, Hotels, Travel Amenities , Travel Gadgets


Having trouble sleeping in hotels, planes or anywhere else in your travels? Fear not as the solution might be in a push of a button!

Sprayable Sleep is a handheld canister that sprays melatonin - a natural hormone that tells your body when to sleep. It’s simple to use: simply apply the spray to your skin and the melatonin is slowly absorbed into your system.

"Imagine if you could fall asleep at the push of a button. If you could stay asleep as long as you needed, and fall back asleep easily even if awoken in the middle of the night," the US-based company says, adding that the spray comes "without harsh, addictive chemicals or ineffective gimmicks".

Shipping will commence from July 2015 and costs US$15 for a month's supply - a bottle with enough for 30 uses. So forget blackout curtains or pillow menus, this could be the new amenity of choice for hotel guests.


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