60 Of The Best Travel Blogs To Follow in 2017

POSTED BY Mavy | April 10, 2017
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Here at Globehunters, the home of cheap flights, we love travelling and seeing as much of the world as possible. And while nothing beats getting out there and experiencing things first hand, we love reading travel blogs for inspiration.

Travel is one of the most popular blogging topics out there, with hundreds of travellers chronicling their journeys online.

We’ve compiled this comprehensive list of 60 of the best, with everything from solo and family travelling to niche areas such as food travel blogs!

Solo Travellers


Nomadic Matt


Nomadic Matt is one of the world’s biggest travel bloggers and even authored his own New York Times selling book, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day.

With over 1 million monthly viewers he’s truly one of the big names when it comes to travel blogging, offering tips, advice and suggestions for aspiring travellers to make their dream journeys come true.

Nomad Revelations


João Leitão has been travelling the world for over 16 years and has visited a truly impressive amount of countries and lived in a number of countries including Finland, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Turkey and more.

His blog has been featured in many top publications such as the Daily Mail and Lonely Planet.

Expert Vagabond


Matt Karesten is an adventure travel blogger and photographer who has been travelling the world for the last five years.

Vagabond means ‘wandering from place to place without any settled home’ and ‘leading an unsettled or carefree life’ which Matt thinks sums his life up pretty well!

Keep Calm and Travel


Cleila Mattana’s blog is a particularly interesting one, as she only begun travelling at the age of 35, showing that you can start travelling no matter what your age!

It’s a great source of inspiration for those who may feel that they’ve missed the boat by not travelling when they were younger.

Adventurous Kate


Kate McCulley has been travelling for around five years, and her adventures have seen her be an extra in a German movie, appear on the Daily Show in the US, and even get shipwrecked in Indonesia!

She hopes that her blog will encourage more women to embrace their independence and go travelling solo.

Young Adventuress


Liz Carlson has been travel blogging ever since she was 16 so she certainly has plenty of experience!

Since then she’s gone on to be hugely successful and has been featured in a number of news outlets such as the BBC, Buzzfeed and National Geographic.

The Blonde Abroad


Kiersten is ‘The Blonde Abroad’, a California native who dropped her job at a prestigious finance firm in LA to travel the world.

Now she has been to over 50 countries and is living her dream of being a travel writer, having been featured on Lonely Planet, Expedia, Skyscanner and more.

Indie Traveller


Marek has been travelling long-term since 2012, having embarked upon a two-month trip to Thailand which spiralled into a two-year trip around the world!

His blog contains stories of his adventures as well as tips and destination guide, all of which are invaluable to fellow solo travellers.

A Dangerous Business


“It’s a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the road, and, if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no telling where you might be swept off to.”

This quote from J.R.R. Tolkien forms the basis of this blog, from Amanda Williams. Her blog is a little unique in that unlike most travel bloggers, she hasn’t dropped her whole life to live her dream and uses her blog to show how you can still see the world while holding down a normal job.

I Am Aileen


Aileen quit her corporate job in the Philippines five years ago to become a digital nomad and hasn’t looked back ever since.

Her blog aims to show others how it’s possible to live the life of a traveller through detailed travel guides, resources and tips.

Bucket List Journey


Annette’s travel blog takes the format of a bucket list after she conquered a case of severe anxiety.

So far her journeys have seen her eat insects in Thailand, swim with jellyfish in Palau, rappel down waterfalls and zip line through the Costa Rican rainforest.

Alex in Wanderland


Alexandra Baackes is a travel writer from New York who has been travelling for over three years now with no end date in sight.

In particular, she’s interested in photography and scuba diving, and as you can possibly tell from the title, has a bit of an obsession with Alice in Wonderland!

Leave Your Daily Hell


Sick of the monotony of day to day life? Robert Schrader certainly was, hence the title of his blog!

He now aims to help others who are similarly bored with their lives to realise their dreams of travelling, and even offers one on one ‘travel coaching sessions’.

Never Ending Voyage


As well as being your standard digital nomad blog, the Never Ending Voyage also chronicles Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney’s quest to find the world’s best vegetarian food, making this an especially great one to read for fellow veggie travellers.

Twenty-Something Travel


Seeing as the majority of people choose to go travelling during their 20s, this blog focuses on making the most of your travels during this exciting period of your life.

It’s run by Stephanie Yoder, who aims to show her fellow twenty-somethings that travelling is a viable and exciting option, even if it’s only short-term.

Just One Way Ticket


Just One Way Ticket is run by Berliner Sabrina, who has been travelling almost non-stop since 2008 and has since been featured on a number of sites such as BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan and the BBC.

She has over 100,000 monthly readers and shares tips, photos and videos with her audience!

Be My Travel Muse


Kristin Addis’ blog takes a focus on travelling solo as a female and is a resource for those looking to do the same.

She also has a particular focus on adventure, with her travels taking in hiking, scuba diving, camping, hitchhiking and more.

One Step 4Ward


Johnny Ward is an Irish blogger who has been travelling since 2006, beginning by teaching English in Thailand and Korea, who now makes his living by blogging about his travels.

He’s been to over 150 countries in his extensive time travelling and now shares his experiences in his blog, and offers advice on how to get started yourself.



Charli Moore is an adventure loving travel blogger who shares destination guides and travel photography from her travels around the world.

Taking in everything from hiking and scuba diving to watersports, this blog will make you want to ditch your 9 to 5 and head off into the great unknown yourself!



This acclaimed adventure travel blog by Jeremy Scott Foster shares his stories and photos from his travels, and instead of just telling his readers where to go and what to do, he shares a real insight into the ups and the downs that come with a nomadic lifestyle.

P.S. I’m On My Way


Trisha Velarmino is a millennial travel blogger chronicling her journeys around the world.

She really focuses on ‘immersion adventures’, trying to integrate with cultures as much as possible, learning to eat, cook, speak and sleep like a local and truly experience a place, rather than just visiting.



Matt Long is just a normal guy, with an insatiable passion for all things travel. He didn’t leave his entire life behind to start his travel blog, but he still loves to travel and shares his experiences of his travels across all seven continents on this blog.

Travelling Buzz


This blog from Bulgarian Maria combines the best of adventure travel stories with great tips on how to travel on a tight budget.

As well as advice for travelling around the whole of Europe, the blog is a great way to learn a bit more about Maria’s homeland, Bulgaria.

Camels & Chocolate


Rather than telling you where to go and what to see, Kristin Luna’s blog simply details her story travelling the world, allowing you to take your own inspirations from her journey.

She’s also a successful magazine journalist, having written for a number of publications such as Forbes, People and Glamour.



Two Monkeys Travel Group


The Two Monkeys Travel Group was started by Kach Medina Umandap and Jonathan Howe who met in Laos in 2013 and have been travelling together ever since.

What started off as just the two of them has grown to a team of over 20 writers and contributors based all over the world!

The Poor Traveller


This blog from pals Yoshka and Vins has a specific focus on travelling on a shoestring budget.

They’ve been through their fair share of hardships on their travels, and are very open about the many mistakes they have made while travelling, with the hope that their experiences can help out others!

The Planet D


Dave and Deb have been married for 20 years, but after years of being stuck in the rat race, they decided to drop it all and embark upon a life of travel.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like travelling as a couple, this could be the blog for you!

Local Adventurer


Esther and Jacob have a pretty unique approach to travel which doesn’t actually involve travelling all that far.

Instead, they choose a new city to live in each year, truly ensuring that they embed themselves in the local culture!

It just goes to show that you don’t need to jet to the other side of the world to get your travel fix!

Ordinary Traveler


While the majority of travel blogger are nomads, leaving their old lives behind and travelling from one destination to the next, the Ordinary Traveler is a little bit more…ordinary!

They love travel, but also love their home in San Diego and aim to connect with others who wish to see the world, but without leaving their whole life behind.

Goats on the Road


The ‘Goats on the Road’ are Canadian couple Nick and Dariece who have been travelling ever since 2008.

Their blog not only shares their experiences but also shares tips on exactly how they afford to live the life they do, a big question for many readers of travel blogs.

Uncornered Market


As the name suggests, Uncornered Market covers some of the world’s destinations which are a little off the beaten track.

Husband and wife team Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott have visited the likes of Iran, Ethiopia and Central Asia, and now share their experiences with like-minded travellers on their blog.

Family Travellers


Y Travel Blog


The Y Travel Blog is run by Caz and Craig Makepeace, a married couple from Australia.

They’ve been travelling on and off for the last 16 years, and blogging for the last six, having lived in five different countries and travelled to 52!

With over 350,000 monthly visitors, it’s one of the most popular travel blogs, and a great one if you’re travelling with a family.

Our Awesome Planet


There’s a nice story behind Our Awesome Planet. Anton Diaz set up the blog as a ‘written dedication’ to his sons so that they would have a documented history of their childhood.

While some might be reluctant to go travelling with young children, this blog shows what a great experience it can be for both parent and child!

Where’s Sharon?


Sharon is an Australian mum who travels the world with her husband and children. Her blog chronicles their experiences and provides tips and tricks to others who are thinking of whisking their kids off to see the world.

Travelling kids is certainly a different experience, but as Sharon and her family show, it can be 100% worth the occasional hassles!

Points with a Crew


Dan Miller knows a thing or two about travelling with a family, and that’s because he has six (yes six!) kids!

Stories of packed out people carriers and trying to keep an eye on 17 pieces of luggage just go to show that if he can manage it, then surely so can you and your family!

Travel with Bender


The Bender family have travelled to over 65 countries on their travels, and haven’t allowed the birth of their two children to stop them!

Their blog aims to share their story, as well as inspire others with young children that they too can live the travelling lifestyle.

Travel Mamas


Travel Mamas is a blog to help parents and their children explore the world together, with travel tips, packing lists and giveaways.

They also have a section for grown-up getaways too, because even parents deserve a little bit of a break every now and then right?

Money Saving Tips


View from the Wing


Gary Leff is a Chief Financial Officer for a university research centre with an obsession for clocking up frequent flier miles and points.

Described as the ‘the godfather of the frequent flier hobby’, he shares his tips and tricks on how to get the most out of frequent flier programmes on his blog.

Travel Codex


The ultimate blog for travel hacks, Travel Codex aims to help frequent travellers understand the industry and how to make it work to your advantage and not get ripped off!

They offer tips and tricks on how to get the most out of frequent flier programmes, and also on the best business travel credit cards.

Miles to Memories


Shawn Coomer of Miles to Memories has spent years accumulating frequent flier miles and point across a number of loyalty schemes.

While he started out blogging about his experiences travelling the world with his wife and son, he now shares his tips on how to travel for the least amount of money possible.



Clint describes himself as a ‘travel hacker’, and has travelled to over 100 countries over the last decade.

He’s spent his years developing tips and tricks on how to get discounted (or even free!) flights, and not necessarily through frequent flier programmes. Clint shares his knowledge on this blog.

Cheapest Destinations Blog


Tim Leffel is an expert in how to travel well for less and shares his expert tips on his Cheapest Destinations Blog.

With over two decades of travelling under his belt, Tim is one of the more experienced travel bloggers out there, and it shows in his knowledgeable posts!

The Savvy Backpacker


The Savvy Backpacker is focussed on backpacking around Europe on a budget, with more of a focus on the nitty gritty of actually planning and preparing for your trip.

With tips on everything from transportation to lodging and food, this blog is a great starting point for any backpacker.

Johnny Jet


Johnny Jet runs a site where a number of travel experts share their best tips for budding travellers.

While the site does cater to frequent travellers, it’s also really useful for those who are simply heading off on a yearly vacation.

Travel Tips



Out of Town Blog


The Out of Town Blog covers travel, food and lifestyle which like so many others, started out as a personal blog but has evolved into so much more.

It was founded by Melo Villareal, a travel photo-journalist, so the blog is full of fantastic images from his travels around the world.

Go Backpacking


Thinking of heading out into the big wide world on your own? Go Backpacking is one of the best resources out there for solo travellers.

Their blog contains budget orientated travel advice as well as some gorgeous photos to keep you inspired between your travels.

Go Nomad


Go Nomad was born after starting their own traveller’s café in the US, bringing people together to share travel stories over coffee.

While the café is now closed, the community spirit lives on through their website where they explore all kinds of locations, whether they’re off the beaten track or more well-known.

Solo Traveler


Solo Traveler is a blog and community allows those who have gone it alone to share their stories and experiences as well as tips.

It’s run by Janice Waugh and Tracey Nesbitt. Janice is an author and public speaker, while Tracey is a food writer, so you can sure to pick up a thing or two about cuisine from around the world.



Traveldude is a site inspired by the kind of insider info that travellers pick up from locals and their fellow travellers and is a place where everyone can share their valuable first-hand experience with others.

It’s essentially like a social network for travellers, and they also have a great blog!

Food Travel





Mark Wiens believes that the best way to truly get to know the culture of the place you’re travelling to is through the local cuisine!

His blog contains food and restaurant recommendations from all across the world, with the aim of getting his readers out of their eating comfort zones.

Will Fly for Food


Will Fly for Food is a travel blog run by ‘Traveleaters’ JB and Renée, discussing their travels around the world tasting all manner of tasty dishes.

In fact, they decide where their next journey is going to be based on what kind of grub is on offer!

Vagabond Baker


If you love travel, and you love baking, then the Vagabond Baker is the blog for you! Rachel A. Davis lives in a 4x4 camper van and travels the world, baking as she goes!

Her blog is the perfect blend of travel stories and recipes that’re sure to get the mouth watering in more ways than one.

Location Specific



Pinoy Adventurista


Pinoy Adventurista started out as a personal blog of ‘adventure junkie’ Mervin Marasigan, covering his various mountaineering and climbing trips around his home country, the Philippines.

Nowadays it’s an authoritative travel guide that showcases some of the lesser known locations that the country has to offer.

Chasing the Donkey


This blog focuses entirely on Croatia and showcases everything that it has to offer, including the best of local food and culture.

Wondering about the name? It comes from the island of Dugi Otok, which has a nature park which is home to a number of abandoned donkeys! 

To Europe & Beyond


As the name suggests, Marie-Eve Vallieres’ blog focuses on her travels around Europe.

It’s certainly interesting to hear an outsider view on the continent (Marie is Canadian) and it goes some way to showing that you don’t necessarily need to travel to every corner of the globe to have some great travel experiences.

LGBT Travel



Travels of Adam


Adam describes himself as a ‘hipster travel blogger’ and shares his stories and tips from his travels around the world over the last seven years.

In particular, he shares his experiences of travelling as a gay man, making his blog an excellent resource for any LBGT travellers.

Two Bad Tourists


If you’re looking for the ultimate LGBT travel guide, look no further than Two Bad Tourists.

Based in Madrid, David and Auston scour Europe for the best LGBT destinations and highlight some of the continent’s best Pride events, while providing helpful travel tips.

Luxury Travel



Mrs O Around the World


Mrs O, also known as Ana Silva O’Reilly is behind this luxury travel blog, sharing her thoughts on the best places to travel, eat, shop and more, all around the world.

Following her mother’s motto “If you are leaving home, it has to be to a better place.”, her blog is an eye-opening look into the higher end of travel!

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