20 Of The Best Places To Eat In London

POSTED BY Mavy | April 28, 2017
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The Big Smoke is home to some of the best eateries in the world and you can barely walk down the street without being faced with the smell of delicious food being served.

Because London is not short of choice when it comes to dining options, we thought we’d round up 20 of the best places to eat to make it that little bit easier for you to decide where to head first.


Crisps are something of a delicacy in Britain and now London has an entire restaurant dedicated to them.

You can choose between savory or sweet crisps (or even mix the two if you so desire!) and select two or more dips, with highlights including the katsu curry, the smoky cheese fondue, and the campfire s’mores.

Cereal Killer Cafe

Cereal Killer Cafe stocks over 100 types of cereal, 30 types of milk, and 20 toppings, so it really is a cereal lover’s paradise.

At Cereal Killer Cafe, you can break dining conventions by eating cereal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and, with decor from the 80s and 90s, you won’t be short of a little bit of nostalgia.


This vegan restaurant serves delicious low-fat, low-salt, and non-GM food which is all prepared to order by the renowned vegan chef Ben Asamani.

222 has been open since 2004 and is dedicated to bringing its customers high-quality and wholly vegan dishes which are, in turn, good for the mind, body, and soul.


Morito is a tiny tapas and mezze bar where the owners take inspiration for their food from their travels. At Morito, you’ll find classic tapas dishes, along with a string of twists on those classics for the more adventurous palettes.

With such a small restaurant space, we recommend that you book lunch in advance, but dinner is first come, first served.

The Piano Works

This restaurant is not only known for its impressive food and cocktail menus, it’s also famous for being London’s only non-stop live music venue.

The two pianists and their accompanying musicians only play songs that are requested by the customers at The Piano Works, so it’s truly a tailor-made experience.

The Cheese Truck

The Cheese Truck started out three years ago as a market stall but has come on in leaps and bounds since then, having sold well over 20 tons of cheese.

Specialising in grilled cheese sandwiches, but with a selection which spans from the humble cheddar to the contentious stilton, this food truck is any dairy lover’s dream come true.


With quirky decor and an innovative menu, Archipelago is definitely a restaurant for those who have a slightly eclectic taste.

At Archipelago, you can choose to dine on the wild side with food options including crocodile, wildebeest, and kangaroo, or you can opt for a more conventional chicken, fish, or vegetarian dish.


Padella is a pasta bar which keeps things fresh by making its own pasta in store every day.

This budget-friendly restaurant goes easy on your wallet by providing main meals which start from £5 and you’ll struggle to find better pasta in the city.


This cocktail bar and cabaret restaurant is perfect for anyone who loves theatrics because it also doubles up as a live circus show.

However, it’s not just the acts that are jaw dropping, as the menu boasts highlights including Blow Torched Salmon Nigiri and Korean BBQ Baby Chicken, along with a pre-theatre dining menu.

Rainforest Cafe

Fun for both adults and children, Rainforest Cafe specialises in international cuisine and aims to recreate the sights and sounds of the rainforest.

With menu highlights including the Wiki Wiki Stir Fry and the Mayalicious Primal Steak, along with stunning aquatic displays, this restaurant gives you a truly authentic rainforest experience whilst you dine.


Bounce’s extensive selection of cocktails, wine, and beer complements its gourmet food menu perfectly, but there’s more to this restaurant than simply dinner and drinks.

Claiming to be ‘the home of Ping Pong’, Bounce is adorned with Ping Pong tables, encouraging anyone with any ability to get involved with the classic game. With a lively and playful atmosphere, along with impressive food, Bounce is not a restaurant to miss out on.

Dans Le Noir?

Dining at Dans Le Noir? isn’t just a delicious meal out, it’s a sensory experience. Your dining experience will take place in the Dark Room and anyone you will be served by will be registered as blind.

The idea is that eating in the dark heightens your other senses such as taste and smell and the experience is designed to shift your perspective of the world.


All of the food and drink in Ziferblat is completely free; customers pay for the time they spend in the restaurant.

The venue itself encourages creativity, with musical instruments, board games, and an impressive selection of books. Ziferblat also hosts talks and events, so you’ll always be kept on your toes in this adults’ playground.

Save The Date Cafe

Save The Date is a pay-as-you-feel cafe, which means that anyone can enjoy their delicious food, regardless of their income. You’ll find Save The Date in Bee Garden and it doubles up as a supermarket, selling reasonably priced organic food.

The cafe serves food that would otherwise have been thrown away - but fear not, it’s all completely edible - sparking an important conversation about food waste.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Lady Dinah’s Car Emporium is a charming little cafe in its own right, but it has the added bonus of having 13 feline friends roaming around. You can opt for having high tea in the company of the cats and you can even engage with a knitting class titled ‘Knit With Cats’ at the Emporium.

However, there are strict rules to adhere to, such as no children under the age of 12 being allowed in, and you must book in advance.

The Doodle Bar

The Doodle Bar is a venue dedicated to doodling, scribbling, and drawing - you can even doodle on the walls.

This budget-friendly eatery serves drinks and street food and is the ultimate place to visit for a chilled vibe, whether you fancy yourself as a Picasso, or you just want to play around with a biro. 

Rango’s Hot Stone Restaurant & Bar

For an out of the ordinary dining experience, Rango’s is a must-visit restaurant because here customers can cook their own food on hot stones, which ensures that their meal is as hot and as fresh as it can be when they eat it.

Although Rango’s specialises in meat, it caters for everyone from carnivores to vegans, and its entertainment leaves nothing to be desired with regular cocktail nights and live music.


This American-style cult restaurant is unsurprisingly popular with lovers of meat and is famous for its burgers.

However, it’s not only burgers that you can get at MEATMarket, as other popular options include chili dogs, chicken, and alcoholic milkshakes.

Thirsty Meeples

Thirsty Meeples isn’t just your ordinary cafe, it’s a sanctuary for board game lovers everywhere.

This cafe has a higher emphasis on board games than it does on food and drink, but it still provides its customers with world-class sandwiches and a boundless selection of drinks, both soft and alcoholic.

Thirsty Meeples has an entire board game library, so you’ll be free to play everything from Elder Sign to The Fury of Dracula.


You’ll find Attendant in an old nineteenth-century men's toilets, but the venue has now taken on a whole new life as it’s now one of London’s favourite cafes.

Although Attendant serves up top-notch sandwiches and salads, the main event here is definitely the coffee, where you’ll find a variety of blends which are both delicious and sustainable.


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