10 Reasons to Visit Legoland Florida

POSTED BY Adam | June 25, 2014
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Legoland Florida

Located just an hour south of Orlando in Winter Haven, Legoland Florida has been attracting tourists from around the world since 2011. Less crowded than the better-known Disney Parks, Legoland Florida features a sizeable water park, lush botanic gardens and, as you’d expect, some amazing Lego creations. Here are ten reasons to visit:

1) Soak up the sun at the Legoland Water Park

Florida can get pretty hot, so it’s no surprise that Legoland Water Park is popular in the summer months. There are wave pools, a 375 foot water slide and a DUPLO play area for kids. Families can even design their own LEGO vessel and float down Build-a-Raft River.

2) Put your Lego building skills to the test

There are plenty of special events throughout the year. One of the most popular is the Junior Master Model Builder Competition; a quarterly competition that showcases guests model building talent. The four winners face-off in an ‘Ultimate Build Off’.

3) Relax in Cypress Gardens

Surprisingly, Legoland Florida isn’t all about Lego. If you fancy a break from all those plastic bricks, the beautiful Cypress Gardens are the place to be. You might still find one or two elaborate Lego figures dotted around but there are plenty of relaxing green spaces in which to spend a well-earned break.

Legoland Florida Cypress Gardens

4) Have a family water fight on ‘The Quest for Chi’

The centrepiece of ‘The World of Chima’ which opened in July this year, ‘The Quest for Chi’ is a water ride with a difference - it’s totally interactive. Rather than the traditional log-flume water ride, ‘The Quest for Chi’ lets families fire water cannons at each other and has already been a big hit.

5) Ride ‘Island in the Sky’

Island in the Sky gives visitors a 360 degree view over Legoland Florida and the surrounding area. The 150 foot rotating platform slowly spins as it rises into the air and is suitable for anyone that’s ok with heights!

6) Try the Aquazone Wave Racers

Suitable for adults and kids, Aquazone Wave Racers are a great way to cool off in the hot Florida summer, or get even more soaked if you get stuck in an afternoon downpour. Spectators can get in on the act too by firing water from the side.

Aquazone Racers Legoland Florida

7) Trade mini-figures

Kids (or even adults) can trade LEGO Minifigures with Legoland’s ‘Model Citizens’ - i.e. employees that wander the park, strapped with minifigures and ready to trade!

8) See Seasonal Lego Creations

Legoland Florida creates customised Lego creations depending on the time of year, so whenever you visit there will be something the kids will be dying to get a photo with.

9) Miniland USA

Miniland USA is at the heart of the resort and lets visitors travel round the USA in a day. There are miniature depictions of some the most famous stateside attractions including: New York, Las Vegas and Washington DC. There’s also the ‘Block of Fame’; an educational 3-D art gallery featuring some well-known faces from US history.

Miniland USA

10) Experience the 'Red, Brick & Boom’ Thanksgiving Special

The 4th of July (Independence Day) sees an amazing firework extravaganza at Legoland Florida. Visitors get 3-D glasses that turn the fireworks into exploding showers of Lego bricks!

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