• Best Family Days Out

15 Of The Best Family Days Out In

Have you just booked your flights to Sydney? To ensure you return home from your time spent in Sydney, Australia well and truly ‘zonked’ as the Aussies put it and lugging along the memories of a lifetime, here are 15 of Sydney’s best family days out.

1. Sydney Opera House

Today a multi-purpose and globally recognised arts and culture venue that occupies a distinctive and similarly world famous wave shaped building residing at Bennelong Point, no trip to Sydney is complete without a visit to this world class and iconic landmark.

2. Taronga Zoo

Poised on the shores of Sydney harbour is Taronga Zoo.
As can be imagined, no zoo in Australia is likely to disappoint; the country is so full of amazing and awe-inspiring wildlife that it only follows the country’s zoos are too.
What makes Taronga Zoo a little extra special is that being one of Australia’s most visited zoos, it really does go all out to wow the families that go there – showcasing over 4,000 animals and in excess of 350 different species.

3. Sydney Tower Restaurant

The Sydney Revolving Restaurant is a popular place for couples to meet for a romantic meal in the evenings. Revolving 360 degrees and providing unrivalled views out over Sydney Harbour, there are few spots more romantic when the day is ebbing and the harbour is beginning to get dusky and fill with lights.
That said, during the day Sydney Tower Restaurant operates a contemporary and casual buffet that features over fifty freshly prepared dishes for its visitors. Better yet, children aren’t only welcome, but can eat free when opting to make the most of The Tower Restaurant Buffet special deal that runs throughout the year.

4. Sydney Hop On Hop Off  Bus Tour

The Sydney Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour is an inspired idea, and more it is an inspired idea that works.
Rather than getting stuck in the Aussie heat with the kids being lectured by a tour guide whilst passing all the places you would actually like to stop and explore, the tour (as the name describes) permits tour goers to do exactly that, and also provides one of the most fun ways to get to many of Sydney’s best loved family attractions and sights.

5. Sydney Sea Life Aquarium

Sydney Sea Life aquarium is a must visit for families travelling to the city. Educational, interactive and full of marine life, as well as running a penguin expedition experience and home to the world’s largest barrier reef oceanarium, most people will never visit another aquarium like it in their lifetimes.

6. Sydney Olympic Park

Visit the iconic and world famous home of the 2000 Olympics. Functioning and equipped since the Olympics as a public and state of the art sports and leisure facility, visitors can get stuck into a broad range of family sports and fun in the very same place where previously gold Olympic medals were won by some of the world’s top athletes.

7. Blue Mountains

Home to the world’s steepest passenger railway, an ancient rainforest and The Three Sisters formation which is also home to Echo Point from which visitors can gaze out over Katoomba, there are many different tours, walking trails and a glass floored cable car ride to be experienced when visiting Blue mountains, depending on your interests, fitness level and as well whether you are travelling with children.

8. Sydney’s Chinese Garden of Friendship

A real retreat from the hustle and bustle of modern Sydney, its Chinese Garden of Friendship is as lovely as the name suggests.
Located in Sydney’s China Town locale (which is well worth a visit in its own right), the Chinese Garden of Friendship is an exotic and wistful wonderland of Chinese botany and sculptures that has been respectfully and carefully created to model genuine private gardens and provide an insight into the culture and heritage of The Ming Dynasty.

9. Sydney Observatory

Sydney Observatory is an astronomy museum and home to a state of the art observation tower that offers visitors the opportunity to experience night viewings and family friendly ‘twilight tours’ making it a great evening activity for those travelling with children.

10. Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves are a magnificent example of the breathtaking things nature creates. Likely to keep the kids engaged and excited for the length of a tour and as well wow the grownups too, these Sydney based wonders provide both an affordable and educational experience. There is also the option to take a child orientated ‘Bones & Stones’ tour that focuses on engaging younger visitors in all that the caves have to offer.

11. Sydney Sky Walk at Tower Eye

‘Skywalk’ at the Sydney Tower Eye is the highest outdoor adventure in the city. The centre offers a variety of experiences to suit all ages, budgets and as well caters for all levels of adventurer, meaning that a fear of heights needn’t prevent families or exclude members from experiencing Sydney in this unique and once in a lifetime way.
For those with a daring spirit, there is also the opportunity to take a VIP tour that includes all the elements and experiences of the standard tour but with it includes an exclusive and personalised photo pack. Just be aware, the VIP package is only appropriate for children aged eight years and over.

12. Port Stephens

Not far north of Sydney is Port Stephens. A massively popular day trip and one ideal for families looking to explore whilst in Australia and based in Sydney, Post Stephens is a treasure trove of things to do and see.
Enjoy a round of golf, adventuring its sand dunes, camel or horse riding, cycling or walking its many trails and as well pack a picnic or opt to dine at any one of its numerous restaurants and diners.

13. Dolphin and Whale Watching Tours

The Dolphin Watch Company’s most popular tour takes visitors on a round trip of Jervis Bay in Sydney where dolphins can be discovered frolicking and playing in its waters.
The Dolphin Watch Company also runs a number of other family friendly cruises, including a ‘Seal and Seacliff’ and ‘Whale Watch’ cruise.

14. Madam Tussauds

Requiring little explanation (most of us the world over are familiar with what Madam Tussauds is all about, after all), Madam Tussauds in Sydney provides a fun and quirky afternoon or morning activity that the whole family can enjoy, as well as a great opportunity to take some photographs with the biggest Aussie born names out there, or at least their likenesses.

15. Bondi Beach

No trip to Sydney would be complete without at least a day or afternoon spent on the beach. And there is no better beach on which to spend a day when in Sydney than the famous Bondi Beach.

16. Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Theme Park

Located in Prospect, New South Wales, Sydney, Wet ‘n’ Wild is one of the world’s most celebrated and exhilarating water park.
The Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Theme Park in Sydney is also the largest to ever be successfully created in the word. Hence, for those looking for something a little more exciting but still safe for all the family than a day spent sunbathing on the beach, Wet ‘n’ Wild is the place to head to.