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San Francisco: Lifestyle and Culture

San Francisco is the home of activism and radical thinking in America. The hippie movement began here so it definitely has a laid back, open minded kind of vibe. It’s a city full of culture, warmth and vibrant social scenes. Each district offers a slightly different cultural experience to immerse yourself in.

There is a strong arts scene and lots of galleries and art museums to wander around. Art lovers should spend some time in the Museum of Modern Art or the Palace of Fine Arts. There are also lots of music venues who those who are looking for an evening of musical entertainment. Try some of San Francisco’s chilled out jazz lounges.

The local people are very proud of their city and would probably say it’s one of the best places to eat out in America. Most food here is from local farms in an effort to remain sustainable and give back to the local economy. Sample different cuisines in the many neighbourhoods which offer a wide variety of international dishes.

Those looking for a vibrant nightlife scene should spend an evening at Telegraph Hill, or anywhere in the city really, seeing as there are over 10,000 places where you can get a drink. Visit the city’s historic bars or head to the nightclubs, there’s plenty to keep you entertained.