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21 Of The Best Restaurants In San Francisco

To bag some great price flights to San Francisco, take a moment make use of our flight search tool. Meanwhile, to discover the best restaurants to dine at whilst in San Francisco, here are 21 of them.

1. Foreign Cinema

Open seven days a week and showing some of the most eclectic and as well highly rated foreign movies going, the Foreign Cinema is not only a brilliant place to grab some delicious Californian Mediterranean fusion fare, but also makes for a great tourist experience whilst in San Fran.

2. Flour + Water

Fortunately for those who opt to dine there, Flour + Water serve up far more than the name of the restaurant suggests.
The name refers to the basic ingredients relied upon to hand make the authentic Italian pasta and wood fired pizzas offered up to those who dine at Flour + Water.

3. Burma Superstar

Cosy, clean and without airs, Burma Superstar provides a relaxing escape where guests can grab some real Burmese cuisine and take a breather after or ahead of a day’s sightseeing in North San Francisco.

4. Kokkari Estiatorio

Undeniably and famously one of San Fran’s most high-end fine dining restaurants and a haven for the rich and famous is Kokkari Estiatorio.
With an avant-garde and tantalizing menu worthy of its high class and discerning patrons, those hoping to enjoy an evening dining at Kokkari Estiatorio had better book in advance to avoid disappointment; even A listers can struggle to bag a table at short notice at this contemporary Greek restaurant.

5. San Francisco Soup Company

Soup is usually offered as an easy and often lacklustre option on an appetizer menu. The San Francisco Soup Company is turning all this on its head.
To be wowed by a diverse and genuinely exciting choice of soups that manage to be both nutritional and also totally delicious, The San Francisco Soup Company is the restaurant to visit.

6. Nopa

Nopa is a unique and quirky two storey restaurant with a casual yet trendy interior and focus on first class ingredients, Californian cuisine and creating first rate and creative cocktails.

7. A 16

A stone’s throw from one of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks, The Golden Gate Bridge, is A 16.
Patrons are an eclectic mix of tourists and locals in search of a laid back yet trendy restaurant which serves rustic Italian fare with pizzas cooked to perfection in a traditional wood fire.

8. The San Franciscan Crab Restaurant

No trip to San Francisco is complete without sampling some of San Fran’s locally fished shell fish and there is nowhere better to grab a seafood fix than at The San Franciscan Crab Restaurant.

9. Gary Danko

For an authentic taste of North American food, there is nowhere better when in San Francisco to head than Gary Danko’s.
Named after its founder, head chef and resident celebrity (at least in San Fran), Gary Danko’s is an all American restaurant with a welcome touch of elegance thrown in, making it a great place to stop by for a casual coffee or head to for an evening meal.

10. Saison

Offering up French American fusion cuisine on San Fran’s East Coat, Saison is the ideal place to eat for those who cannot decide between going European or all American for dinner – but who do know a great wine menu is a must.

11. Aziza

Moroccan food often conjures the image of casual, colourful street food served up to those exploring Marrakesh’s markets and souks.
Retaining the colour, culture and authentic flavours loved in Morocco, but smashing the preconception that Moroccan food has to be a casual option is Aziza, a fine dining Moroccan themed restaurant on San Fran’s Geary Boulevard.

12. Waterbar

The Waterbar is considered by many to be San Francisco’s best seafood restaurant.
Even those who manage to be unimpressed by its extensive and super fresh choice of locally sourced fish, lobster and shellfish will no doubt fall in love with its stunning interior and awe inspiring views out onto the waterfront and San Fran’s landmark Bay Bridge.

13. The Plant Café

California is well known for being home to a large and ever growing community of health conscious foodies, many of which can be found happily chowing down on a ‘full belly salad’ or happily supping a freshly made smoothie at The Plant Café.
The Plant Café’s clean and elegant yet unpretentious interior mirrors its clean eating ethos and provides the perfect place to go whatever the time of day, especially for those who enjoy a plant based diet or are looking to experience just how delicious organic food can be.

14. Go Bistro

Go Bistro is an exciting and sophisticated Asian fusion bar and grill with fantastic and busy breakfast as well as dinner trade.
Located in San Francisco International Airport, this makes Go Bistro the ideal stop off or stress free dinner option when beginning or ending your vacation.

15. Amoura

Amoura is a mid-price Mediterranean themed restaurant that manages to be both cosy and elegant in décor.
The cuisine at Amoura focuses on using organic ingredients to provide its patrons with a modern Mediterranean dining experience. Amoura is also well known and loved for its impressive ‘wall of wine’.

16. Andale

For authentic, unfussy and hearty Mexican fare, San Fran’s Andale Restaurant is a fantastic choice. Operating a typically American counter-serve joint that also champions and serves an equally taste bud tingling choice of real Mexican tequilas.

17. Outerlands

Poised on San Francisco’s west coast not far from the Golden gate Park is Outerlands.
Outerlands specialises in New American fare. Translated, Outerlands takes American staples and rethinks them in order to please San Francisco’s trendy and health conscious residents and visitors.
This is one restaurant that provides a great choice for vegetarians holidaying in San Fran.

18. La Ciccia

La Ciccia is a Sardinian themed restaurant in Bernal Heights that also happens to serve a fantastic choice of wines.

19. Chef Gao Restaurant

San Francisco is home to numerous Chinese themed restaurants, many of which specialise in turning the traditional making of dim sum into a fine art.
One such restaurant is Chef Gao’s which is an easy going and cosy place to head after a visit to nearby Lake Merced Park.

20. Basque Cultural Center

A true American banquet style restaurant that makes a fantastic place to eat for families and those travelling on a budget, Basque Cultural Center is located in South San Fran on Railroad Avenue.

21. Max’s Restaurant

Last but by no means least is Max’s.
For those uninspired by the choice of San Francisco’s restaurants so far or looking for a truly one off dining experience that still manages to wow in terms of taste as well as uniqueness, this is one restaurant not to miss out on.
Making fresh and fragrant Filipino cuisine, Max’s is well loved for its fried chicken, which is served with Max’s signature banana ketchup.