Miami: Getting Around

MIAMI is an ideal destination for holidaymakers who like warm weather, gorgeous sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. Those who enjoy a cultural holiday will also appreciate the spirit and appeal of multicultural Miami. It’s a glamorous, mystifying city that’s full of wonderful surprises.

Miami is known for its stunning beaches and funky art deco architecture. At night the streets come alive with a distinctive Latin vibe. If you are looking for a beach destination that offers year round sunshine and plenty of things to do then Miami won’t fail to impress you.

Do a bit of celeb spotting on South Beach, spend some time people watching at the trendy bars or head down to Ocean drive and admire the distinctive quirky buildings. As well as being a thrilling destination for party animals Miami is also very popular with families. They are plenty of family friendly activities and beaches to take advantage of.

The weather is warm all year round in Miami, however, it can get a little too hot for some people in the summer. Temperatures can be above 30 degrees every day and the humidity can get a bit overwhelming. You might prefer the more comfortable temperatures in winter when it isn’t as humid.