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20 Of The Best Family Attractions In Miami

South Florida is renowned for being sunny and completely gorgeous, so it’s no surprise that Miami is one of the most popular family holiday destinations in the world. However, travelling with a family can be hard, especially if there are big age gaps.

Fear not - there are plenty of things you can get up to with your loved ones in Miami, regardless of age. So, having booked your flights to Miami, with our list of 20 Of The Best Family Attractions in Miami, you won’t be short of things to do.

1. Coral Castle

In 1923, Ed Leedskalnin had his heartbroken by the love of his life and dedicated the next 28 years to building a monument for her. The monument, made out of coral rock and built without machinery, is today known as Coral Castle and is as sight to behold.

Leedskalnin, who stood at just over 5ft tall and weighed a miniscule 100lbs, was never seen working on his masterpiece, so some say that he has magic powers. But, regardless of how he made it, Coral Castle is a great Miami attraction for families.

With stunning views and a fascinating backstory, the whole family will be entertained here - you can even be shown the sights by the on-site tour guides.

Price: $7 for children, $15 for adults

2. Tropical Park

Miami’s picturesque Tropical Park is the perfect place for the family to blow off some steam. There’s a boating lake where you can can row to your heart’s content and, with other amenities like a nature trail, a baseball field, basketball courts, a concession building and an equestrian centre, there’s no reason why you can’t relax here all day.

Price: Free entry

3. Childrens’ Museum

The Miami Children’s Museum is an exciting experience for all ages, but it prides itself on helping young children reach their full potential. The 56,500 sq ft building is packed with exhibitions such as the two story high Castle of Dreams, which is equipped with luminous sand, a winding slide and ambient sound effects to enhance your experience.

Whilst you’re there, you can get active at the museum’s Health & Wellness Center, where you’re able to take part in virtual sports such as an obstacle course and the standing long jump.

Price: $20

4. Grapeland Heights Water Park

It’s likely that you’re going to need to find a way to cool down in The Sunshine State and Grapeland Heights Park is one of the best places to do so.

As the only water park in the city of Miami, Grapeland Heights will meet the needs of all of the family. It hosts four swimming pools: a toddler pool, a waterslide pool, a lazy river and a recreational pool. The waterpark is most popular for its ‘Dive-In Movies’, where family films are played so you can watch as you swim.

Price: $5

5. The Flying Trapeze School

If relaxing on the beach isn’t your scene and you need to excite the adrenaline junkie within, you can get your thrills at the Flying Trapeze School. Set up by professional flying trapeze artists, the school offers you a class where you can learn the basics of the art.

The professionals will show you how to swing, somersault and dismount all in a completely safe environment. So if you want to inject some adventure into your time in Miami, The Flying Trapeze School might be the right place for you.

Price: $30

6. Adrienne Arsht Center For Performing Arts

If you want to take a step out of the Miami sun and head into the shade, why not go to see a show? The Adrienne Arsht Center For Performing Arts hosts shows of a variety of genres, from Gospel to Broadway, so there will always be something that will please the whole family.

For the past six years, The Center has put on its ‘FAMILY FEST’ series - a free of charge variety show that includes acts from some of South Florida’s best known artists.

There are even family friendly tours of the theatre, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg - the Adrienne Arsht Center For Performing Arts has hundreds of tours and performances on offer throughout the year.

Price: ~$30+

7. Tour Marlin’s Park

Is one of your family members a baseball fan? Then Marlins Park - home to the Miami Marlins - is a must-see attraction. Not only is the building itself extraordinary, but you can now go on a tour of the venue.

You can sit in one of the Park’s 37,000 seats and even tour the playing field. And, if you’re feeling peckish afterwards, Marlins has plenty of eateries where you can find almost any cuisine.

Price: $10

8. Amelia Earhart Park

Away from the busy tourist streets of South Florida, this unique park is one of Miami’s hidden treasures. Here, you can get up to anything from wakeboarding on the 91 acre lake, to going to the petting zoo and watching a farming show.

Amelia Earhart Park really does have something for every member of the family to enjoy, so don’t miss out.

Price: Free entry

9. Visit the Museum of Science

The Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science is a great attraction for older children and adults.

Equipped with an aquarium, a planetarium, and the MeLab where you can discover how both your mind and body work together, you’ll leave being in the know about pretty much everything!

Price: $27 for adults and $20 for children under 12. Children 2 and under are free. These prices are for a total experience ticket which includes admission to the entire museum and one Frost Planetarium show.

10. Go on a ride with the Big Bus

These hop-on hop-off double decker bus tours of Miami are a stylish, but budget friendly way of travelling the city. You can see all of the main sights that Miami has to offer, whilst being able to get off wherever you like once you’ve got from A-B.

It works out to be cheaper than a taxi, and you can even go on to the open top deck for a cool breeze.

Price: $45 for adults, $30 for children

11. Miccosukee Indian Village

If you’re up for a history lesson, or just want to experience a different culture, then head down the Miccosukee Indian Village. The Tribe still exist just outside of Dade County and give you a tour that lets you experience their history and lifestyle.

Highlights of the tour include a photo exhibit of the Miccosukee society, a short, informative film and historical artifacts that give you a look into a world completely different to yours. You can purchase Miccosukee crafts from the on-site gift shop, including authentic patchwork and jewellery.

Price: $12 for adults, $6 for children

12. The Kampong

If the heat of Miami is making you sweat, go for a walk in the shade of an 80 year old Baobab tree in the Kampong botanical gardens. This peaceful garden is full of tropical trees and plants and it’s a lovely location to have a family picnic.

Price: $15 for adults, $5 for children

13. Seaquarium

Have you ever wanted to kiss a dolphin? Well Seaquarium is the place to do it. In fact, Seaquarium is the place to fulfill any of your aquatic dreams. You can dive into a tropical reef, swim with seals and watch the flipper dolphin show.

Whether you’ve got tiny tots in tow, or just want a day out for the adults, anyone of any age can enjoy this fantastic attraction.

Price: $44.99 for adults, $34.99 for children

14. Jungle Island

Conveniently located between Downtown Miami and South Beach, Jungle Island should be a must on any tourist’s list.

With animals from all over the world, you can experience a bit of Australia with the Red Kangaroos, or get a taste of Africa with The Lion’s Den. The zoo also has a farm where visitors can hand feed the animals.

Price: $39.95 for adults, $32.95 for children

15. American Airlines Arena

The American Airlines Arena hosts an array of shows from sporting events to concerts from the biggest names in music. It’s located in Downtown Miami, so you’ll be able to find plenty of family friendly places to eat and drink before your show.

Just look online at what’s on at the American Airlines Arena when you’re in Miami and enjoy world class entertainment.

Price: Ticket prices vary

16. Wynwood Walls

In 2009, Tony Goldman, who believed that street art was an underappreciated genre, decided to turn Miami’s warehouse district of Wynwood into graffiti heaven. Top street artists from all over the world have contributed this mural that now covers over 80,000 sq ft.

Now known as the Wynwood Walls, the warehouse district has been completely transformed and is one of Miami’s most intriguing attractions. Eight years on from its birth, groups of any size are invited to take a private tour of the walls to find out all about the masterpieces and the artists who created them.

Price: $10 for children, $25 for adults

17. Everglades Alligator Farm

At Everglades Alligator Farm, you can learn about the reptile with the loudest stomp in the swamp. The farm is home to over 2,000 alligators and is an educational attraction for people of all ages.

You can meet the farm’s famous 14ft alligator, known as ‘Grandpa’, and the more adventurous visitors can tour the river of grass on the popular airboat ride - you can even have your photo taken with a baby alligator.

But it’s not just alligators that you can see at Everglades, you can also spend time with crocodiles, caimans and snakes.

Price: $19.00 for children, $27.00 for adults

18. Miami Aqua Tours

Fancy a trip on a pirate ship? Maybe even a party boat? Miami Aqua Tours offer a series of aquatic sightseeing tours where you can see what Miami has to offer in a more unconventional style. Perfect for family fun, you will be entertained with songs and dances as you cruise past the fabulous houses of Miami’s rich list.

The Miami Boat tour gives you an 80 minute cruise through Biscayne Bay, where the highlights include the Venetian Islands and Miami Beach. The Party Boat, on the other hand, encompasses the classic booze cruise, equipped with a live DJ and a bar.

Price: $25+

19. Monkey Jungle

Miami’s subtropical wildlife park, Monkey Jungle, is a 30-acre monkey habitat, housing species from Orangutans to Squirrel Monkeys. At the park, you can spend time with the monkeys and go to the educational presentations that tell you all you need to know about our fascinating primates.

This family friendly attraction is open 365 days a year and is the perfect place to have fun with your little monkeys.

Price: $29.95 for adults, $23.95 for children

20. Crandon Park Amusement Center

On the two mile long Crandon Park Beach you can find the Crandon Park Amusement Center, which is great for little ones. The Center is fully equipped with a carousel, playground, skating rink and a squirting seahorse fountain.

Once you’ve finished enjoying the Crandon Park Amusement Center, you can relax on the beach which, with its lagoon style, is great for young children to play safely in the water.

Price: Free admission

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