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Manila: Lifestyle and Culture

Being a highly populated, busy city, life is always running at a fast pace in Manila. Slow things down a little by enjoying a bit of culture at one of the numerous museums throughout the city. Get to know the history of the local people at the National Museum of Filipino People or The Ayala.

Manila also has a thriving art scene, head to Chino Roces Avenue and Manina Contemporary to see some local and international artwork. Here you can see a wide range of amazing exhibitions. Or perhaps you would prefer a spot of shopping, it’s practically a profession for the locals here, shopping is a big part of the culture in Manila.

If you are after big brand names go to the Ayala Centre or for more authentic shopping visit the street markets. Hard core shoppers who are brave enough should go to the Mall of Asia which is one of the busiest shopping centres in the world. Manila also has a reputation for mouth-watering street food so make sure you take a break from shopping to try a few local delicacies.

The nightlife in Manila is pretty lively, there are plenty of clubs and bars dotted around the city. Whether you prefer a night out clubbing or singing your heart out at karaoke bars you will find something fun to do in the evenings in Manila.