• 15 Of The Best Beachside Bars In Los Angeles

15 Of The Best Beachside Bars In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for being home to the rich and famous, with lively beaches and a fabulous nightlife, but that’s not all it has to offer.

The City of Angels also boasts a great number of beachside bars for you to while away a day or an evening in the company of sun, sand, and the Pacific Ocean.

To make your time on the beach the best it can be, you may want to indulge in a few drinks and snacks, so to make your culinary decision easier, here are 15 of the best beachside bars in Los Angeles.

The Venice Whaler

The Venice Whaler has been a celebrated watering hole since 1944 and has served the likes of the Beach Boys and The Beatles.

Sat central to the world famous Venice Beach, this is a great bar to visit if you want to watch a gorgeous sunset with a cocktail or sit under the stars with some snacks.


Slick and cozy, the stylish SHOREBar sits on Santa Monica State Beach, along the Pacific Coast Highway.

The extensive drink menu, amongst all of the classics, encompasses punch bowls, an impressive selection of tequila, and innovative cocktails such as The Raging Bull and Messa Mule.

High Rooftop Lounge

You’ll find High Rooftop Lounge on the edge of Venice Beach and it offers you panoramic views of both the city and the Pacific Ocean.

With drinks for all seasons and occasions, such as a Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate for the winter or a nice, chilled IPA for the summer, High Rooftop Lounge leaves nothing to be desired. But, unsurprisingly, this bar tends to be busy so try to make a reservation before you go!

The Strand House

On the edge of Manhattan beach, The Strand House is a family friendly restaurant and bar which fully encompasses the Southern California vibe: relaxed and stylish.

The menu - which informs you of sunset and sunrise times so that you don’t miss out on the epic views - is both substantial and varied, offering its customers an array of dishes ranging from the light and healthy to the heavy and comforting.

Back on the Beach Cafe

At Back on the Beach Cafe, visitors are treated to stunning views of the ocean, mountains, pier, and Catalina Island.

Located on Santa Monica State Beach, at Back on the Beach Cafe you can choose to sit either inside in the tranquil seating area or you can graze your feet in the sand on the outdoor beach deck.

Venice Ale House

Even if you fancy yourself as a connoisseur of ale, you’ll certainly get an education at Venice Ale House, which is situated on Venice Beach.

Environmentally conscious, the owners of Venice Ale House ensure that all of their ales are brewed locally to reduce their carbon footprint and vegans and carnivores alike can enjoy the menu at Venice Ale House, which is fully organic and locally sourced.

Paradise Cove

With a breakfast, picnic, beach party, and lunch and dinner menu, Paradise Cove is the right place for the foodies among us to visit.

Situated on Malibu Beach, Paradise Cove offers both sides of the deal: great food and drinks, along with fun in the sun.

Hennessey’s Tavern

Hennessey’s Tavern is an Irish bar situated on Hermosa Beach and, with true Irish charm, has a boundless menu with highlights including the Ahi Poke and Captain Paul’s Caramel Delight - but, of course, an Irish bar would not be complete without an extensive range of Irish whiskeys.

Encompassing everything you’d expect from an Irish bar - a lively atmosphere, top-notch sustenance and a rustic interior - Hennessey’s Tavern is not one to miss out on.

Belmont Brewing Company

For great beers on the side of Long Beach, Belmont Brewing Company is the bar to visit, especially for amazing views when the sun is setting.

This budget-friendly bar doesn’t just specialise in beers - although the beers are delicious - but you’ll also find a great many reasonably priced drinks on the menu such as pitchers and cocktails.

Reel Inn

As its name suggests, Reel Inn has an impressive selection of fish on the menu with highlights including catfish, red snapper, and swordfish.

You’ll find this bar sat on the edge of the renowned Malibu Beach and it has a relaxed, seaside vibe, decked out with casual benches and nautical decor - the perfect place to visit for a post-swim lunch.

Baja Sharkeez

Do you want to relax next to the beach but still catch the game? Baja Sharkeez brings you the best of both worlds. As well as having the perfect Manhattan Beach setting, this bar also shows live sporting events.

With daily specials like Taco Tuesdays and Thursday Mojitos and Burritos, you’ll never be short of a good deal at Baja Sharkeez.

Simmzy’s Pub

What better combination is there than beers and burgers? At Simmzy’s Pub, where “beauty is in the eye of the beer holder”, you can get just that but, with the huge selection of food and drink available, you can get just about anything you want.

Conveniently located on Manhattan beach, Simmzy’s Pub is the ideal location to watch the sunset with a beer or a few.

Tony P’s

Whether you’re visiting for beautiful views of Marina Del Rey or you just want to relax in the sports bar, Tony P’s has got you covered.

With an array of menu options and a full gluten free menu and 1,400 beer tap handles, Tony P’s has something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their palette.

Rusty’s Surf Ranch

Located on the start of Santa Monica Pier and the end of Route 66, Rusty’s Surf Ranch is the ideal place to visit after a dip in the Pacific or a long drive.

At Rusty’s you can enjoy live music and the relaxed beachside atmosphere and stay for cocktails or indulge in the delights of the lunch and dinner menu.

Big Dean’s Oceanfront Cafe

Catching the game is no problem at Big Dean’s Oceanfront Cafe as it boasts 15 televisions which play all of the major sporting events.

Open until 10 pm every day during the summer, Big Dean’s is the perfect bar in which to watch the sun set over a few drinks and some classic pub grub alongside Santa Monica State Beach. 

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