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15 of the Best Things to Do in Hong Kong with Kids

A former British colony, Hong Kong is today an autonomous territory in South East China which is famous for its scraper skyline, fantastic shopping and Temple Street Night Market and its rich history and culture. Here at Globehunters, we’re proud to offer a range of cheap flights to Hong Kong!

Whilst people from all over the world travel to Hong Kong to visit its myriad of stunning landmarks and shop for genuine antiques at unrivalled prices, many also head to the region with the family to enjoy a once in a lifetime family holiday.

As such, we have compiled some of the best things to do in Hong Kong when holidaying with kids – and here are our top 15 picks.

1. Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is situated on Hong Kong’s reclaimed Penny Bay on Lantau Island and is somewhere no family travelling with kids will want to miss. Split into 7 separate magical lands (including Main Street U.S.A land) and home to the Sleeping Beauty Castle, once inside guests will be forgiven for forgetting they are in Hong Kong at all.

Hence, whilst the kids are likely to be happy spending the entire holiday adventuring its different worlds and enjoying its epic theme park, it is worth dedicating a day or two to Disney Land Hong Kong to avoid missing out on the wealth of other attractions and things to see and do whilst in Hong Kong.

2. Hong Kong Mid Levels Escalators

Described via the Hong Kong Traveller website as ‘a microcosm of Hong Kong daily life’, for those not accustomed to seeing working escalators transporting pedestrians uphill on public streets and pavements, the Mid Levels Escalators are well worth taking a moment to see for yourself – and of course experience.

Hong Kong’s Mid Levels Escalators form the world’s biggest and longest outdoor escalator system in the world and making use of them provides a unique and exciting way to explore Hong Kong as well as experience some of the journeys locals and commuters make daily.

3. Ngong Ping 360

Disneyland Hong Kong is not the only reason a trip to Lantau Island is well worth making.

Developed specifically to attract a larger and more diverse range of tourists to Lantau island, Ngong Ping360 is an aerial tramway that takes travellers up into the skies and provides stunning views over the island and Hong Kong.

It is worth being aware though that scheduled maintenance and a rope replacement project is currently underway on the Ngong Ping 360. Hence, those hoping to ride it will need to book their holidays accordingly to avoid disappoint if travelling to Hong Kong in 2017.

4. Ocean Park

Ocean Park Hong Kong is a marine mammal and sea life attraction. It is also one of the most colourful, exciting and as well educational places to take the kids whilst in Hong Kong.

Home to oceanarium and amusement and theme park, Ocean Park can be found in Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan in Hong Kong’s Southern District.

5. Hong Kong Museum of History

Another educational and cultural attraction and one well worth taking older kids this time is of course Hong Museum of History.

Whether you are travelling to Hong Kong because you are well versed in its history and culture and desperate to experience the place or to take a holiday that permits you to experience a new and exotic culture, a great place to begin your Hong Kong adventure and get the kids involved is at the Hong Kong Museum of History.

6. Hong Kong Park

Hong Kong Park is to Hong Kong what Central Park is to New York; located in the very heart of Central Hong Kong and surrounded by epic skyscrapers, Hong Kong park offers visitors and those living in this bustling metropolis an oasis of calm and respite.

Costing almost 400 million Hong Kong dollars to complete and opened in 1991, today the park is a well established and really lovely green haven in which to take the kids, take a stroll, have a picnic or simply while away a relaxed afternoon.

7. Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens

It might surprise you to know that Hong Kong’s Zoological and Botanical Gardens is one of the world’s oldest, having opened way back in 1871.

Despite its age, the zoo is today more exciting than ever and perhaps thanks to the fact that the botanical gardens have now had almost 150 years to become established, they form some of the most stunning in the world.

Located on the northern slope of Victoria Peak, the zoo and gardens are not just worth visiting to see the wealth of wildlife and botany there, but to explore the 80,000 square meters they occupy on the Mid-level of Victoria Peak.

8. The Trick Eye Museum

Another attraction that is likely to enthral the kids and which is also situated on Victoria Peak is the Trick Eye Museum.

The little ones love exploring the wealth of ‘trick eye’ murals that warp all sense of scale and reduce visitors to pixie proportions or else invite visitors to enter famous artworks and alternate worlds.

Meanwhile, this is also a great attraction for older kids who are likely to be just as entertained snapping selfie after selfie of themselves shrinking, falling from the sky and leaping over molten lava amid erupting volcanoes.

9. Hong Kong Madame Tussauds

Situated at the Peak Tower, Hong Kong’s Madame Tussauds is one of the numerous chain wax work museums begun by French artist Marie Tussaud and holds over 100 different waxworks.

Many of its waxworks will be unfamiliar to tourists visiting from outside of East Asia as they include China and Hong Kong’s Royal Family members, national figures and a host of k-pop and kung fu stars, providing an intriguing insight into Hong Kong culture.

That said, highlights of the Hong Kong Madame Tussauds waxwork Museum do include internationally famous faces, including Jackie Chan and Barrack Obama and Lady Gaga.

10. Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Hong Kong’s Cultural Centre is located in Tsim Sha Tsui. It is home to an exhibition gallery, concert hall and grand theatre which can seat 1,734 people and stages major ballets, dancers, operas and musical throughout the year.

11. Noah’s Arc at Ma Wan Park

Ma Wan Park’s Noah’s Arc instalment is Hong Kong’s latest major attraction.

The central feature of the exhibition is its life sized replica of the arc itself along with the animals said to have boarded it. It is also the world’s only actual scale arc of its kind.

Hence, whether you are religious or not, it is a spectacular sight to behold and children are likely to find the enter exhibit utterly magical regardless of their religious persuasion, or lack of.

12. Victoria Harbour

Located on Hong Kong Island and facing Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour is a natural landform harbour that operates regular ferry cruises for those wanting to experience the harbour at its best. It is also the largest harbour in China and the third largest in the world and from a distance provides a stunning view of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers and skyline.

Most of Hong Kong’s ports are found in Victoria Harbour making it a bustling business hub both in the day and night and it is one of the most popular locations for tourists to visit.

To treat the kids to an extra special experience in Victoria Harbour, visit over the Chinese New Year when numerous countdown New Year firework displays light up the harbour and Hong Kong’s skies.

13. Kadoorie Farm and Gardens

Kadoorie Farm and Gardens is located in at the summit of Hong Kong’s Kwun Yum Shan Mountain. Despite its rural placement and fact it is abounded by mile upon mile of stunning scenery and natural countryside, Kadoorie Farm and Garden’s is one of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attractions.

A conservation and education centre, it is a place that never fails to impress and awe inspire its adult visitors. That said, at nearly 2000 feet above sea level and providing seemingly endless landscaped gardens all with cobbled roads, quaint bridges, pavilions picnic areas and waterfalls it also provides the perfect and truly magical place for the kids to explore, adventure and play too.  

14. Avenue of Stars

Inspired by Hollywood’s Walk of Stars and home to its own brilliant film industry and history, Hong Kong modelled its own Avenue of Stars that makes for a great place for families to head whilst holidaying in Hong Kong and perfect place to visit whilst exploring Victoria Harbour.

15. Peak Tram

The Peak Tram Sky Pass is both one of Hong Kong’s most famous attractions and one of its best.

The Peak Tram is a rail carriage system which transports passengers to and from the base to the peak of Hong Kong Islands numerous levels. Hence, it was devised originally as a viable means to provide Hong Kong residents accessible means of getting about the Island.

The amazing views provided via this unique means of ascending and descending Hong Kong Island’s upper levels makes it a fun and wowing experience for children and adults alike and means that there really is no better way to travel about Hong Kong Island.