• Havana Weather

Havana Weather

Cuba benefits from great weather all year round, with average temperatures sitting at around 25 degrees. Havana doesn’t really have a cold seasons, it experiences two main seasons, wet and dry. There isn’t much of a different between daytime and night-time temperatures in Havana. The sea in Havana is at its warmest in August.

Wet Season

The wet seasons is from May until October, so if you want to avoid the rain you may want to refrain from visiting during this time. The wettest months are May and June. June is also the hottest months with temperatures sitting at around 27 degrees.

Dry Season

The dry seasons is from November to April. Even in the coolest month of the year (February) the average temperature is still around 22 degrees. Cuba’s hottest months are July and August, and February is the coolest with temperatures of around 22°C.