• Cheap Long Haul Flights

Cheap Long Haul Flights

If you want to experience the best that the world has to offer, you sometimes have to travel that little bit further, but that doesn’t mean that your airfares have to soar as well.

Whether it’s the ultra-modern cities of the Middle East, the adventure and luxury resorts of Southeast Asia or the wonderfully diverse United States, our long-haul flights here at Globehunters don’t need to cost an arm and a leg.

Here are just some of the destinations we’re offering cheap long-haul flights to here at Globehunters.



While Africa conjures images of safaris across the Serengeti, there’s much more adventure to be had in this vast and beautiful continent.

While the landscapes and wildlife are what draw many visitors to Africa, there’s much more to see, especially in South Africa, with its vineyards, the dramatic cliffs at the Cape of Good Hope and the iconic Table Mountain.

Or how about heading just off the coast to Cape Verde for a Caribbean-style holiday that’s a bit closer to home.

The Caribbean

If you’re after a relaxing beach holiday, Spain and the Mediterranean islands are probably the first places that come to mind, but why not cast your net a little further and head to the Caribbean? It might be less expensive than you think!

Some alternative Caribbean destinations include Cuba, which is becoming an increasingly popular destination, with its beautiful Spanish-colonial architecture, salsa music and, of course, amazing beaches.

Mexico is another popular destination with an abundance of great resorts along its Caribbean coast, including Cancún, with its reputation as a party city for American university students on Spring Break.

The Far East

The cities of the Far East offer an exciting and frenetic pace of life, with bustling streets and markets, but they’re also full of ancient traditions.

Some of our most popular Far East destinations include Beijing, China’s enormous capital known for its modern architecture and ancient sites such as the Forbidden City, and Tokyo, with its neon skyscrapers and historic temples.

The Middle East

You don’t have to be an oil baron or a Premier League footballer to visit the playground of the rich and famous, with cheap flights to Middle Eastern destinations such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

These glitzy modern cities boast sunshine all-year round, but with plenty of air-conditioned malls, hotels and restaurants to cool off in too.

If you’ve had enough of seeing how the other half live, there’s a whole other side to these destinations, with traditional souks and mosques to explore too.


Taking the meaning of long haul to a whole other level, Australia and New Zealand are home to almost permanent sunshine as well as some spectacular cities and sights for tourists.

See the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, or follow in the footstep of Frodo and co. in New Zealand, the filming location for much of the Lord of the Rings series.

Southeast Asia

Popular with backpackers (and travellers of all descriptions!), Southeast Asia is a truly beautiful part of the world, whether you want to explore the exotic rainforests or just relax on the sandy beaches and luxury resorts that line the shores.

The dramatic landscapes and traditional temples add a whole other facet to these amazing countries, whether you’re visiting for a week or two or are jumping off the plane with your backpack and never looking back.


The USA is a remarkably diverse country, whether you want to see visit the home of the stars in Los Angeles, check out the architecture and history of Boston and New England, or meet Mickey Mouse and friends in Orlando.

These major cities might just be a starting point for your American journey, with deserts, forests, canyons, National Parks and more to explore across this vast country.

How to Save

Here at Globehunters, you can compare thousands of fares to ensure that you get the cheapest long-haul flights possible, but how could you save even more?

Book with a Hotel

Here at Globehunters, we don’t just help you to book flights, but hotels and car hire too.

And as well as helping to make sure you get the best price on each, we can also sometimes help you to snag a special deal if you book your hotel and flights together.

We’ve got great relationships with hotels and resorts around the world, so it’s definitely worth seeing whether you could save by combining your long-haul flights with a hotel deal!

Book Early

While there are all kinds of theories on when is best to book your flights, the one thing we can say with some degree of certainty is that it’s best to book early.

Around two months in advance seems to be the best time to book, but of course, this varies depending on a lot of factors.

The one thing we do know is that lots of business travellers are happy to pay top dollar for last-minute flights, so if you hang on until the week before you travel to book, you could end up getting burnt!

Check Indirect Flights

Direct flights are obviously ideal when you’re travelling long haul, but if you don’t mind the journey taking a little longer you could end up making a decent saving.

Another trick which sometimes works out cheaper if you have a stopover is to split the ticket (book the two connecting flights separately).

You could also try booking your outgoing flight to one airport, but booking it back from/via a different one. Get creative with your route planning to see if any savings can be made!

Look Out for Hidden Extras

Airlines often like to tack on extra fees and they don’t always make them clear. Some things to look out for include: credit/debit card fees, luggage fees, check-in fees, reserved seats and food fees.

Be sure to check if all of this is covered in your ticket price or if you’re going to have to stump up a bit extra.


So if you’re feeling inspired to spread your wings and explore the far reaches of the world, check out our cheap long-haul flights here at Globehunters today.