10 Of The Best Markets In Bangkok

Find yourself in any one of Bangkok’s many markets and you are likely to have a great time exploring the wealth of culture, entertainment produce and products on show. For those looking to pre-plan their Thai holiday in order to ensure they do not miss out on Bangkok’s best market offerings, here they are.
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1.Pratunam Market

Thailand’s largest garment market going, Pratunam Market is a fantastic (and fantastically inexpensive) place to shop for fashion, clothing, accessories and as well grab a bite to eat – and the size of this market, you might well need to stop and refuel along the way.

2. Patpong Night Market

For those who don’t want to spend their days in Thailand shopping or who simply can’t get enough of the thrifty prices offered in Bangkok’s markets, Patpong Market is the place to head.
A night Market, Patpong Market provides visitors with an exciting mix of stalls, Go Go Bars and neon lights in Silom, one of Bangkok’s best known and most bustling nightlife districts.

3. Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

For those unfamiliar with the concept of a floating market, the name is given to any market in which stalls are set up along waterways in place of roads and streets, and by which customers literally float along, stopping to browse and shop as they do so.
Whilst Khlong Lat Mayom is by no means Bangkok’s only floating market it is one of its best and provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience a market in an entirely new way.

4. Chatuchak Weekend Market

You could live in Bangkok and still be discovering new stalls at this particular market.
Chatuchak Weekend Market has a staggering 15,000 stalls and welcomes approximately 2,000 visitors every single weekend, making it the world’s largest weekend market and one not to be missed whilst in Bangkok.

5. Talat Rod Fai Market

Talat Rod Fai Market is a sprawling open air bazaar which is split into three distinct sections and is open from sunset to midnight in Bangkok. Each of the market’s three sections specialise in collectables from different eras and fashions.
From picking up antique ornaments and furniture to kitsch one of a kind souvenirs to treating yourself to vintage and retro clothing, Talat Rod Fai Market has it all.

6. Thanon Khao San Market

Thanon Khao San Road is one of Bangkok’s busiest and most bustling backpacker haven’s. It is also where visitors to Bangkok can discover the Thanon Khao San Market.
A backpacker’s paradise, this market is a great for picking up souvenirs from the obscene to the cute and the quirky to the novelty as well as the perfect place to find all those necessary backpacking must haves at a great price.

7. Amulet Market

This historic Bangkok market was once the place that that men embarking on dangerous or difficult employment or journeys came to purchase a talisman to protect them and ensure they returned home safely.
These days the Amulet Market is no less impressive and evidence of its rich and intriguing past is everywhere. To learn more about why locals and holiday makers still shop her, the Lonely Planet website features a great article about Bangkok’s Amulet Market.

8. Thai Craft Fair

Thai Craft Fair only takes place once a month. Consequently, those hoping to visit Bangkok’s Thai Craft Fair will need to plan their trip accordingly.
Fortunately, you can find out all you need to know about when to visit in order to enjoy and shop for craft supplies and handmade treasures of just about every kind via the Thai Craft Fair website which is linked in the heading.

9. Chinatown

It seems these days there is a Chinatown to be discovered in most of the world’s major cities. That said, Bangkok’s is regularly featured as one of the top ten in the world and has previously been described via the Lonely Planet website as: ‘the urban explorer’s equivalent of the Amazon basin’.

10. Or Tor Kor Market

Tipped as the 4th best fresh market in the world, no trip to Bangkok is complete without exploring the bounty of edibles and delights on offer at this tantalising in door market.