Best Beach Holidays for Nudists

While for some holidaymakers, getting kitted out with the perfect holiday wardrobe is part of the fun, for others, buying a whole new wardrobe is somewhat unnecessary. In fact, travelling nudists may be able to pack a lot lighter than everybody else as they jet off to find the perfect spot to feel free while getting a bit of sun.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular nudist beaches around the world to find out which ones provide the best conditions for nudists, from the average summer temperature to how safe the city is. This has given us our ultimate list of the best beach holidays for nudists.

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The Best Nudist

The Best Destinations
for Safety

The Best Destinations
for Temperature

The Best Destinations
for the LGBTQ+ Community

The Best Destinations
for Accommodation Costs

Playa de Bolonia,

Cádiz, Spain


Red Beach,

Akrotiri, Greece


Hippie Hollow,

Austin, USA


Ocho Rios,

Ocho Rios, Jamaica


Agesta Beach,

Agesta, Sweden

Score: 322

Playa Paraiso,

Cayo Largo, Cuba

$50 per night

Best Holiday Destinations for Nudists



  • Ranking
  • Country
  • City
  • Beach
  • Average Summer Temperature
  • Summer Sunshine Hours
  • Summer UV Score
  • LGBTQ+ Danger Index*
  • Safety Index Score
  • Average Airbnb Daily Rate
  • Overall Score/100

*LGBTQ+ Danger Index Score, Higher Score is Better


We used a variety of articles to source a list of nudist beaches around the world. When taking data from other sites, we searched for the location of the beach, but where this data was not available, we took data for the nearest large city.

Once we had the data, we were able to put together a weighted ranking, with each factor being weighted equally.

Temperature and Sunshine

We took an average temperature and sunshine hours from Holiday Weather using the numbers for the three summer months. For countries in the northern hemisphere, this was June, July and August. For countries in the southern hemisphere, this was December, January and February.

Safety Index Score

With a high score indicating a higher level of safety, this score was taken from Numbeo.

Airbnb Cost

The average daily rate of an Airbnb was taken from AirDNA.

UV Score

This was taken from an average of the summer UV numbers at using the summer average as it was for the temperature and sunshine data.

LGBTQ+ Danger Index

This score was taken from Asher & Lyric’s index of the safest and least safe countries for LGBTQ+ travellers, with the highest scores indicating a safer country.

We chose to include this data as a number of the beaches and resorts included on our original list are specifically safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community. This score gives a better idea of how welcoming the wider community is within the countries where these beaches are located.