Arriving at the airport, you want to find the quickest way to be on your way to the terminals, without paying a premium for the convenience. The best solution is often a Kiss & Fly lane, which give you enough time to say goodbye to your friends or family, without a long walk hauling luggage.

We’ve found the Kiss & Fly drop-off rates for Europe’s most popular airports, helping you avoid any unwelcome surprises from the varying charges.

A Kiss & Fly Lane is a short stay drop-off point, typically a lane outside the terminal which allows convenient and quick access, ensuring you can be on your way as fast as possible. They’re practical for taxis, family or friends to drop you off.

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2018 Passengers
5 Mins (£)
10 Mins (£)
15 Mins (£)
30 Mins (£)

* N/A - Not eligible for certain lengths of stay. Frequently advised that you move to a short stay parking space, or you face a penalty fine.