Ranking the Best

In-Flight Entertainment

by Airline

Have you ever found yourself at a loss of how to while away the hours on a long haul flight? When you’re stuck in the same seat for hours at a time, it can be hard to stave off boredom, but if you’re flying with certain airlines, you may find that there are plenty of options to keep you entertained.

We’ve taken a look at some of the biggest airlines in the world and found out which entertainment options they offer to their passengers, discovering which is the best airline for keeping passengers entertained.

Best Overall

Turkish Airlines comes out on top as they offer everything from live television to in-flight movies with a relatively low cost of just over £12 for WiFi.

joint second

Emirates and American Airlines come in joint second, both offering Wi-Fi for just under £13 pound, with a host of entertainment options to keep you occupied. The Emirates 'ice' entertainment system features over 2,500 channels of on-demand movies, TV shows and music on demand, in multiple languages, while on American Airlines you can watch live TV from your personal device on selected routes.

free WiFi access

Four of the airlines offer free WiFi access - Air New Zealand, Air China, China Southern Airlines, and Qantas, while LATAM Airlines does not offer WiFi at all for economy passengers.

the Best In-Flight Entertainment by Airline


  • Ranking

  • Airline

  • Nationality

  • Wi-Fi:

  • Wi-Fi Access

  • Wi-Fi Price EUR (24hrs)

  • Wi-Fi Price GBP (24hrs)

  • Wi-Fi Price USD (24hrs)

  • Other:

  • Personal Devices

  • Seat-Back Screens/Overhead Screens

  • Power

  • Music Streaming

  • Live TV

  • In-Flight Movies

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- Methodology -

We looked at airlines offering long haul flights and based our findings on which entertainment options are available in economy class. Any entertainment listed may only be available on selected flights and there may be more entertainment options available in business and first class.

We gave a weighted ranking to the results, assigning a score to each ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This was then combined with the prices for WiFi access with WiFi availability and price being weighted with double the importance as the other ranking factors.

Our original list of airlines comes from Business Insider.

Information about different entertainment options has been taken from airline websites and other sources such as One Mile at a Time and Seat Guru.

Prices, exchange rate, and entertainment options correct at time of research but may be subject to change.