The World’s Best Airports

for Business Travellers

All over the world, airports are a hub for business travellers as they jet off across the globe. However, not all airports are created equal and some offer a far better experience for those who are flying for business.

We’ve taken a look at some of the busiest airports around the world and compared the facilities and services they offer, from the cost of parking to the number of lounges available. Using this information, we’ve ranked these airports to discover the world’s best airports for business travellers.


  • Rank

  • Airport

  • Country

  • Passenger Numbers

  • On Time Arrival Performance

  • Transit Time Mins (Car)

  • Transit Time (Public Transport)

  • Airport Parking Price (£ Per Day)

  • Airport Rating (Number of Stars)

  • Number of Lounges

  • Destinations Served

  • Airlines

  • Overall Score/100